A Fresh Look

Sheri Here,

I usually do a quarterly review about this time to see how I’m doing on my annual goals to implement my vision.

But given the significant life event earlier this month, the passing of my husband, I almost think I need to do something more powerful.

Time To Re-evaluate

I think I need to take a step back and revalidate my overall vision. To also relook at my bucket list and my annual goals to see what may no longer be relevant.

Is it too soon, maybe. Yet, I’m feeling fairly strong and confident of the choices I’ve made to this point. It is those things I haven’t thought about that could blindside me.

Get Outside the Comfort Zone

I was talking with a friend the other day about my last book. I really need to step up the marketing, I’ve grown complacent and now I’m still a little scattered. But if I don’t look where I’m going, any road will get me there and I’ll waste my energy, time and money.

Life is still a mystery – it can be very exciting and fun. I’ve already done enough tough times in one lifetime. It’s time to take a new path.

Hence, it’s time to relook at my personal vision. Just because it’s June doesn’t mean I shouldn’t – it’s the right time. The world shifted for me and it’s time.

What About You?

How about you?

Are you doing your quarterly review?

Have things in your life changed enough that it’s time to relook at your vision, your bucket list, and your goals for this year?

If you’re uncertain or need someone to bounce ideas off – schedule a call here and we’ll get ‘er done!

It is never the wrong time for a fresh start!



P.S. If you have a dream and you need a dream fulfillment mentor, book a call here and let’s explore a new way of living into your dreams.

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