Asking for Help: A Sign of Strength

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Asking and accepting help is the sign of strength, not weakness – it as allowing someone else to give you a gift.  Seeking assistance when you don’t know something will save you time, effort, money and maybe more.

While help is technically a four letter word, sometimes help (the word) really seems like a FOUR LETTER word – you know the one that shocks the system with its “dirty” meaning. Asking for help is NOT a “dirty” word either.

Giving and Receiving

Would you say no to a birthday or Christmas gift? Receiving is part of the natural order of things. It is half of the giving cycle.

Are you more comfortable giving than receiving? How would you feel if someone refused your gift and wouldn’t allow you to give? Would you be willing to offer again?

For many giving is a gift.  Just think, if people were unwilling to receive, what would that do for those, who wanted to give? Refusing a gift disrupts the cycle of giving and receiving.

Asking and Accepting

When we don’t ask for help or accept help – it is like saying no to a gift.

Sometimes you need help. Whether it is for a dire situation or a situation where you have a limited level of skill.

Accepting help or asking for it is not a sign of weakness.  Quite the reverse – asking and accepting help is a sign of courage and strength. 

Acknowledging where you are is one of the most courageous things you can do.  It is the first step in a new journey. 

In the environment of the pandemic, many people are reaching out to learn something new, to put something different into place or to just do something different because your environments changed.

No matter what you are doing, being open to accepting help is a good thing – it can expand your horizons. Look at help in a new way, as part of the giving cycle – as part of the natural order of the Universe.

Notice your attitude toward asking or accepting help – is it really serving you and those around you?

Allow someone else to contribute to your growth or wellbeing.  Who knows, you may be stronger in ways you can’t predict.

Go on ask, step outside your comfort zone and allow another to possibly step outside theirs.



P.S. You can practice if you wish by asking me for help with asking for help – book a call here.

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