Birthdays Are Special

Sheri here –

Earlier this week I celebrated my birthday – at this point, suffice is to say, I’m not 39 or 50 or even 60 again and I have finally accepted that.  I am blessed.

And, I have a special gift for you!  I’m giving away presents for my birthday!  I’ve put all these tips I’ve been sharing and more into a special “101 Ways to Save Money” free eBook just for you!  It is available to you, just click right here!

So, what’s the big deal with a birthday celebration?  Some people go all out and celebrate not only the day; but the week, sometimes even the month!  Bravo!  It is the time we get to do EXACTLY as we choose – how great is that?

Making time for the important things in life

For me, what makes it super special is that I get to celebrate with my youngest granddaughter who turned 3 this year.  She is a bundle of energy!  So much fun and she has quite the personality. 

Making time for my granddaughters is one of the important things in my life – what are yours?  Your family, your career, your selfcare, your purpose?

If it is important to you, does your calendar show it?  Have you blocked time to assure that you spend your time and energy on the things that are important?

Or do you say one thing and your walk shows another?  Then it is time that you made some simple shifts in your life.  What?  And how are you supposed to do that with all the demands on your time?  

Start small – block time on your calendar for the important things in life, just like you block out time for a doctor appointment or a business meeting.  Then stick to it.  Do not give you away if something “urgent” comes along.  

If rescheduling must take place, then make it a reschedule, not a cancellation, of the commitment to yourself, just like you would reschedule a doctor appointment or a business meeting.

Act your way into a new way of thinking

What does this have to do with saving money?

It is very much the same principle.  You start with an idea, a commitment to yourself and you go for it.  You put your new thinking into action – not just once; but time after time.

Afterall, you’ve heard that it takes repetition to create a new habit.  This is where you get to act your way into new thinking.  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to change an old pattern – that is because you must keep thinking about the new action until it becomes a habit. Then you are on autopilot!

5 tips to save you money

Save money and work on your commitments to yourself with these 5 tips!  

  1. Your hairstylist doesn’t need to be in the most expensive salon in town to be great.  Do a little price shopping, especially if you aren’t getting what you want! (This will help with your commitment to self care!)
  2. Shop the 99cent, Dollar Store or Big Lots for gift bags, gift wrap, ribbons, cards and other gift accessories.  (This will help with your commitment to remember special occasions!)
  3. Shop Farmer’s Markets for fresh fruit and vegetables.  They are generally fresher, cheaper and a bonus – organic! (This will help with your commitment to eating better!)
  4. Stream online fitness classes instead of the gym or yoga classes.  Do it on your schedule for less cost than a membership gym or studio classes. (This will help with your commitment to get more exercise!)
  5. Use an independent car repair facility rather than the dealer who generally charges higher prices.  Keep copies of the service record for warranty requirements.  (This will help with your commitment to properly maintain your car!)

Be sure and download your free gift from me – “101 Ways to Save Money”, right here!

Until next time – have a wonderful time saving money and being true to you.



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