The Key to Abundance

The Key to Abundance

Sheri here –

What has graciously receiving gifts got to do with abundance, you may ask?

Why it has everything to do with it.

In the past, I’ve discussed both Receiving (see blog post here) and Giving (see blog post here) and how it is part of the cycle of abundance. With abundance comes gratitude, and gratitude brings abundance. Giving and receiving don’t easily exist without the other and neither do gratitude and abundance.

Abundance is Receiving

Here we are, once again, in the season known for giving. Even though things are different this time of year than they normally are, it is still typically when people are looking for gifts. But, let me ask you – how easily do you accept a gift? How gracious are you?

Somewhere, many of us learned that it is better to give than to receive. Yet, if we don’t become gracious about receiving – either compliments, gifts, money, promotions, or other blessings, we rob ourselves of a piece of the abundance cycle.

After all, abundance is receiving the gifts of the Universe!

Learning how to receive is just as important as learning how to give.  By not being able to gracious receive gifts from others you are robbing their joy in giving and could stop the flow of abundance from the Universe.

When you graciously accept gifts from others, you can recognize and graciously accept gifts from the Universe. The Universe gives you many opportunities to fulfill your requests, you need only recognize them. Recognizing those gifts and blessings takes practice.

Receiving graciously from another is practice for gracious receiving from the Universe.  So giving and receiving are closely related.  It is the balance of both that opens the door to true fulfilment and abundance.

With abundance comes gratitude, which in turn creates more abundance. Abundance and gratitude are intimately connected.

Graciously Receiving Help

Some of those gifts may require asking and receiving help (see more about that conversation in this blog post here) to be able to fully enjoy! Asking and receiving help is also part of how the Universe helps us fulfill our vision and our mission.

Who knew that graciously receiving a gift would lead us to abundance, gratitude and tools to further fulfill our vision!

May your life be filled with blessings.