Keep Your Brain Active

Sheri here,

Last weekend on retreat was great.  I got a lot of rest and a new perspective – just what I want from a retreat weekend.

Enhancing Brain Function

This week I accompanied my husband to his neurologist, and we talked about enhancing brain function by keeping our brains active.

What he suggested were such things as reading, playing games – card games or board games – crossword puzzles, sudoku, or interacting with friends and other people.

Staying active and good nutrition are important, but it was more a conversation about retaining and exercising your brain.

Learning New Things

What are you doing to keep yourself sharp?

Several weeks ago I mentioned “Sharpen the Saw, Sharpen Your Skills” and engaging in fun activities. I’ve captured it here in a blog for you.

Learning new things can be it’s own frustration – at least it is for me.  I always dislike not being masterful of things – mastering the learning curve.  But my real challenge is to continue to master the tips, tricks and activities of a new skill before the frustration gets so bad I walk away.

If I walk away, I’ve discovered the secret is to go back after I’ve set it aside for awhile and maybe done a HALT – looked to see if I was hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  If I were, then I needed to fix that.  Then, I could go back, re-engage and keep doing the new thing until it feels more comfortable.

Also, if I laugh at myself or not take myself too seriously, I’m better off – happier, less stressed.  Does that happen to you?

If I make it a game until I’ve managed a level of skill, then it’s easier.  Sometimes I’ll just do the next indicated thing until I’m having fun even if I’m bad at it.

This has held me in good stead over the years as I’ve attempted new things.  Whether it was learning to sew in junior high, to knit in college, to macramé after I left college, or to do anything else that was new.

Keep Your Sense of Curiosity

A sense of wonder and curiosity served me well as I’ve attempted new things – including the latest – writing a book, which inches closer and closer to publication. My book “Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation” – Sign up for the wait list.

What are you doing that you’ve always wanted to try?  Don’t let what others think of you stop you or the thought that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks – it’s not true.

Maybe, it’s a new language, sky diving, painting, or writing a book.  Hit reply and let me know what your next new favorite activity is to nurture your brain, to challenge yourself to continue growing, or to peak your curiosity!

May you have a blessed week.