Joyful Family Time

Joyful Family Time

Sheri Here!

This is the time that we are going to be around family and we really want it to be joyful family time.  Frequently these relationships can be challenging, and spending time together can be tumultuous.

While we may want to enjoy peaceful time together, there may be some touchy moments.  There are a few tools that could be helpful to deal with these sessions.

  1. Come from love and kindness – when you come from love and kindness rather than a place of agitation and anger, you come across as a gentler person with a less harsh response and interaction.
  2. Pause when agitated – If someone has started poking at you and you want to snap back a snarky response – pause – bite your tongue, take a deep breath and then reconsider what your response will be. Possibly not even respond with anything other than “You could be right”.  And leave it at that.
  3. Exercise self-compassion – know that your family can push your buttons and allow yourself space and breathing time. Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up.  Maybe take a walk to bring a bit of nature’s benefit to your rescue and to lower any angst or anxiety.
  4. Turn your family over to God – Say a quick prayer before you enter a room, especially with a particularly troublesome person in it. Give them to God and pray that they have a warm and loving time with the family.  If nothing else, it puts you in a spot of kindness before anything is said.

By being a bit of serenity in the family gathering, if it gets contentious, you can have a peaceful and serene time with people you may see infrequently, for good reason.

What other suggestions and techniques do you have that work for you in the midst of family drama?  Hit reply and let me know!

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