Happiness is an Action Word

Sheri here,

Happiness is both an attitude and an action word and each of us is responsible for both.

Fight Grumpiness

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed the other day and was very grumpy. I slept a little too long, so lack of sleep wasn’t the problem. But I hadn’t done my early morning routines, those rituals that allow me to start the day with ease and comfort. As a result, I was grumpy and snapping at others. It wasn’t their fault I wasn’t happy; it was mine.

Despite my circumstances, good or bad, I can experience joy and delight. It’s an attitude, and I’m responsible for mine.

I found a few minutes to start the day over. For me that includes my early morning routine of connecting with my Higher Power. I do this by reading some reflective literature and quietly thinking about the message. The result of these few minutes turned my mood from disagreeable to more content with the world.

Coincidence and its Role in Your Life 

A little later, a friend randomly texted me a note: “We either make ourselves happy or miserable, it takes the same amount of effort.” It didn’t take too long for me to see the coincidental nature of the message and how it related to my mood. It was great advise.

In the past, other friends told me that a coincidence is a message from God. I’ve discovered over time, that my Higher Power speaks to me through other people and things I read.

Later I saw a person who was worse off than I and that allowed the gratitude for the positives of my situation to slip in.

With a bit of help from friends, I was able to turn my state of mind around from grumpy to happy. While this is sounding a bit like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it works.

Asking for Help

An important piece of the action is asking for help, especially if you aren’t totally yourself for days on end then seek professional help.  Also see my Asking for Help: A Sign of Strength for more.

So how about you? Have you ever thought about it? Do you believe that happiness is an action word? Do you accept the responsibility for your attitude or are you looking to others to fix you? If you aren’t happy, what action do you take? If you like, leave a comment below, and share your ideas.

Around Town 

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Thank you again, I have the best readers!!

Have a blessed week.