Monsters Under the Bed…

Sheri here –

Do you remember the monster under the bed when you were growing up?  Or was it there for your kids.  Maybe it was in the closet.  It was scary and hard to sleep.

Of course, there was also the Cookie Monster…so between the Tickle Monster, the Cookie Monster and the Monsters under the bed, you could say we were raised on monsters!!

There are still some monsters lurking

What you say?  Which monsters??

Why the Money Monsters! It is the emotion around money, that is lurking like those monsters under the bed or in the closet.

The fears and negative messages about money seem to lurk under the bed and sometimes in the dark keep us awake at night with worry and fear.  Does this sound at all familiar?!

Life without the money monsters?

What would life be like if you were able to release the fear, feelings of scarcity or inadequacy?

Money is energy, yet all too often we approach it emotionally and act as if we are afraid it will attack us and drag us under like the monster in the pool or under the bed.

What would it be like to approach the day without the weight of the money monster baggage, giving you space to breath and the clarity to approach things with a great sense of peace and serenity around money?

Releasing the emotion around money

Consider becoming part of my challenge to release those money monsters.

I’m doing some market research for a project I’m working on – to help take the emotion out of money.  I would LOVE it, if you would share some of the monsters you have known (either personally or just heard about) in the Facebook group: “Money Talks with Sheri

Ok, no need to answer right now – unless you’d like to add to my list of money monsters or share an experience with a money monster. 

Ciao and hugs,


P.S If you would like to talk about releasing the emotion around money book a call with me here!