Indulge in Life

Sheri here –

What does vacation mean to you?  To me, it means extensive relaxation, pampering, meeting new people, experiencing new places and generally getting out of the ordinary routine.

These all fall under the heading of a rich full life – are ya with me there?

We don’t often get a chance to do an immersion experience, so when the opportunity arises, we need to fully experience and savor it!

There is so much great stuff about vacation.  Just imagine, no normal routine, new experiences and fun.  Uh oh, that could be scary, the new and different; just try it, you might like it.  And for the next several weeks, that’s where you will find me, on vacation!

Prepping for Your Vacation

You may know that I have done a ton of travel, so I’ve got the packing part down to a science.  Well sorta.  Let’s just say, I have a packing process.  But it still takes time, planning and focus – oh but that is a story for another time.

Then there is EVERYTHING that needed to get done before leaving.

Oh, my goodness!  That list was endless!!  Sometimes, I think we pay the trip forward by working so hard before we leave and all the catchup when we return – you know what I mean??

Traveling with Friends & Indulging in Hobbies

This trip, I’ll be meeting up with old friends on a knitting cruise.  A what cruise?  There will be a group of us who knit (one of my personal life passions) – knitting is the one with two needles.  We use our hobby as a reason to travel as a group with all the advantages: lower costs (generally negotiated by someone else), exciting places to visit and reconnecting with friends.

During the times when we are cruising at sea, we will have the opportunity to gather with Barry Klein, an amazing designer of knitwear for personal coaching and hot tips.  He LOVES fiber and is constantly finding new sources, designing new blends that enhance all the things there is to love about making your own hand knit.

Why do I love knitting?  The repetitive motion of the needles, I find soothing and meditative, but others might not.  Then there is the sensuous feel of the fabulous fabric in your hands, caressing your skin with luscious possibilities.  Oh, you didn’t know knitting could be a passionate pastime?  Well, we might need to talk!

And in the evenings, many of us gather in our favorite spots aboard ship.  Whether it is the library or in the almost empty café or elsewhere on the ship, we settle in, knit, chat, relax and enjoy ourselves.

Change Your Perspective

Ok, so knitting isn’t your thang.  That’s cool, but I bet vacation is your thang.  Vacation is the time when you get to indulge in your favorite rich full life things.  And on vacation you can do anything you choose to do.  It can be a go someplace and veg vacation, go explore a new part of the world, go and be super active or not.  Maybe it is a stay at home and be tourist.

How you spend your vacation is your choice.  Ok, maybe it is a family compromise; but the important thing is to take oneGet away, relax, recharge, refresh.

Sometimes, we just need to get away and change our perspective.  Maybe we need to discover something new, to really appreciate what we have or to realize it is time for a few changes.

Vacations Do Not Need to Be Expensive

There are lots of options for lowering the cost of your time spent away from home or the office.

Just as a fun fact, I’ve used a number of the tips we’ve been discussing the last few weeks to help pay for my vacation.  This trip has been paid for BEFORE I left.  That is so huge – what a relief, not to worry about those bills upon your return!  Trust me, that hasn’t always been the case, but it makes things just a tad sweeter.

These tips work, if you haven’t tried them, there is no time like the present to start! Here are this week’s hot tips for keeping more money in your pocket!!

  1. Find a group going where you want to go, generally the cost is lower.  There are groups for EVERYTHING: gamers, bridge, knitting, educational, social, spiritual, you name it, there’s a group.
  2. Look for the local flea markets when you are traveling, you never know what you might find.  Have a general idea of what you might want, including possible gift shopping. It makes the gift extra special, because you were thinking of them while you were gone.
  3. Resist using your credit card – pay in cash or on your debit card.  If you must use a credit card, pay in full when the bill comes.  You avoid most interest charges.
  4. Pay your bills online, be green and avoid buying stamps, but be security conscious, protect your passwords.
  5. Look at the software you subscribe to – are you using it?  If not, unsubscribe or cancel at the renewal.

We are rapidly moving toward fall and soon we’ll start to prepare for the Fall holidays.  With the kids back in school now or soon, things are starting to change – enjoy the changes.



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