Retreat to Win

Sheri Here,

Last weekend, I went on a retreat, and it was totally restorative. I was retreating to win, because before that I was in a ho hum state of mind, struggling to think, be creative, or do things I enjoy.

What We Did

The things we did on retreat included getting good rest, eating well, and focusing on our spiritual state of existence. My attitude shifted to a more relaxed and refreshed state. It was not a straight-line transition.

I found myself loving the women I was with, then finding fault and holding judgments about them, and finally grateful that I had spent time with them. I also appreciated the lessons I learned: acceptance, self-compassion, and grace.

As usual, I was initially totally self-focused and as I unwound, I noticed and celebrated others. They were also human with foibles, difficulties, and joyfulness.

The lessons were many: primarily “Trust in God, clean house (literally and figuratively), and help others”. What a great message from my higher power. Every time I attend a retreat, the lessons are different.

How to Implement

So, what? So, you got away Sheri, we can’t always get away, how can we get a spiritual hit without traveling?

Much like I did, make an appointment with yourself, put it on your calendar, block off the time, don’t cancel: 2 hours, a day, a weekend. Plan for it as a self-care, self-pampering time. Do the things that restore your spirit – it may be a hike, a swim, a visit to a museum, setting up a mani-pedi appointment with friends, a movie date, and lunch just for the girls.

You say you haven’t got time to do that? I’d say you haven’t got time not to do it. Trust me – it is important to reconnect with yourself and your Higher Power. Include a little meditation and prayer and you’ll reconnect with your spiritual advisor, your God, the Universe, whomever you look to.

You’ll come back refreshed. Play and connection are important to our soul.

What if you’re struggling? Hit reply or book a call here and let’s connect.

Around Town

One thing I did before I left was spend a little time with a newfound friend, Purvi Shah, talking about refreshing my self-image, the one I share with the world, either in person or on Zoom.

She has a special virtual Color Analysis program that’s fun. I found I had become a bit rusty, aka lazy after all the time I’ve spent on Zoom and needed to recall some of the basics. Purvi’s virtual consultation is a great place to start*.

Try it, you may find it to be a pleasant way to spend 60-90 minutes and reconnect with yourself. You can access her program here.

Until the next time.



*Just for transparency, I receive a small promotional fee for anyone who signs up.