Reflect on the Year

Sheri here –

Here we are – the first week of December. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday have all come and gone, and the holiday decorations are in full bloom! Whew, what a whirlwind of a week it’s been. I can hardly keep up with all the social media “holidays” and all the special shopping days.

The first weekend of December is usually our holiday open house where friends we know and love stop by and visit. We wear our favorite holiday attire – aka ugly Christmas sweaters – and enjoy holiday treats!

This year it will be different! We’ll do the same thing, but it will be virtual. We’ll still visit with friends, wear our holiday attire and enjoy holiday treats, but the camaraderie will be via Zoom. Different times call for different tactics–and the “new normal” doesn’t actually feel as abnormal as it did last spring.

Reflect on Your Goals

In addition to holiday celebrations, this is the time of year I reflect on the goals I set earlier in the year, and assess my progress. I talk about the goal setting process in a couple of blogs, here and here if you are looking for more insight! I’m more likely to be successful with a goal than if I simply made a wish or even a resolution.

I plan goals and assess my progress around my health, financial affairs, self-care, relationships, service commitments, my business and a couple of special projects.

Goal setting requires that I think through my plan of action and map out my goals so I have direction. Writing down your goals is an important part of the goal setting process that helps you manifest them. In addition to working the goal, it does require periodically assessing progress.

But the goal assessment process is something less discussed. I typically review my goals at least quarterly, and determine if I need to adjust – either up the ante or back-off a bit.

This year, pandemic aside, I’m trending on track with my health goals. I’ve actually lost weight and expect to make my 10 pound loss goal – primarily because I’ve been eating healthier at home. Everytime I assess my progress on this goal, I’ve found that I’ve lost a pound or two!

That same activity, meal prepping, has added a new dimension to my relationship with my husband, George. We make meal preparation a joint activity, which has proven to have several positive results – healthier eating and a healthier, more engaged relationship!

Situations Change; Modify Your Goals

Generally, the goals I’ve set for myself are moving in the right direction – except one. That’s my business revenue goal – that one took a hit for several reasons. While I felt I had a good plan for ordinary times, it was insufficient for extraordinary times (read pandemic!). Sure I made adjustments, but they weren’t enough to stay on my original path, so I modified the goal.

What?! Modify a goal? Is that even allowed? Why yes, it is. Goals are tools to help us move forward toward our dreams. If circumstances change, you need to adjust.

Modifying goals is part of the assessment process to reflect on a changed situation. Doing that is important. Otherwise, the old goal may become more of an anchor around your neck and serve to demoralize you rather than encourage you to make progress.

This is also where self-compassion and self-forgiveness become important tools in your toolbox. Without these tools, we might beat ourselves up for not achieving something that is doomed to fail because circumstances change.

That negative mindset will stand in the way of us making the necessary adjustments to achieve any level of success. By having compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, we can acknowledge that we did what we could given the situation. We can come to accept circumstances and move in a new, positive, doable direction.

Celebrate Your Successes

In addition to the holiday celebrations, this is a perfect time to celebrate achievements. Celebration needs to be part of every goal setting plan. While the accomplishment should be its own reward, it’s not always enough. Sometimes you need to reward yourself to further acknowledge that you accomplished your goal – a great big atta girl! If not you, then who will do that? Think about that for a moment.

How about you? Maybe you could benefit from some reflection, goal setting, reassessment and celebration, too.

Share some of your successes and even some of your misses in the comments below.

Remember – a little self-compassion and self-forgiveness go a long way in nurturing ourselves and keeping us emotionally fit!

‘Til the next time…

Ciao and Happy Holidays,


P.S. Do you need help with practicing self-compassion or self-forgiveness? If so, hit reply or set up a call with me right here and give yourself a break!