Life-Long Learning

Sheri Here,

Are you committed to continually learning something new and keeping your brain active?

This is NOT just a New Year’s resolution or a Beginning of the Year Goal.  This is the day in, day out; year in year out learning something new.

I learned about this concept working for The Boeing Company, where they place a great deal of emphasis on learning new skills and keeping old skills fresh.

My latest skill update is voice lessons.  Why you ask?  Why not!  I think it will be great fun and I want to make better presentations.  Who knows, maybe I could record an audio book with my new skills!

Choose Your Learning Path

How do you know what’s right for you?  Maybe that answer comes from investing some time, effort and money in researching it.

Do you remember the old sharpen the saw story?  If you’ve forgotten, see my blog Sharpen Your Saw, Sharpen Your Skills. The story never goes out of date.  It is applicable no matter your age. We are never too young or too old to learn something new!

We sometime outgrow or forget our skills and need that refresh or we choose to develop new ones, like my voice lessons!

What’s the Cost?

Maybe you want to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) and take one of The Great Courses or a Masterclass.  These are classes taught by knowledgeable experts and well-known professionals in their field.  If you don’t know anything about either, follow the links and check them out.  (I receive no compensation from referring you to these locations.  I just believe in the value of learning.)

It could be an investment of time, effort and money, in health and wellness such as a gym membership and a private trainer.  Maybe you want to go back to school or engage a coach, rather than DIY, like I have hired a voice coach to help me learn a little faster.  Next thing ya know, I’ll be taking acting lessons!  Kidding, just kidding! Hmmm.

What’s your choice?? Need some suggestions?  You could set up a connection call by using the link here and we could put our heads together and see what fun thing we come up with!   



Take Your Own Advice – Walk Your Talk

Sheri here,

Taking your own advice and walking your talk is important.  In my last blog, I chatted about  sharpen our skills and said I was planning to take my own advice. (See “Sharpen Our Saw – Sharpen Our Skills”).

Saw Sharpening Skill Break

Last week, I attended a five-day writing retreat on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  The setting was lovely with lots of green, flowers, and even a little rain – a real treat for this Southern California gal.  A perfect environment for doing serious writing.

The retreat itself was equally wonderful – we focused on manuscript techniques, editing skills – including getting feedback – and powerfully reading our writing live.  Each one of these can be intimidating, but in a safe environment, like this retreat, the practice opportunity is invaluable.

I learned a lot and saw a change in the depth of my writing skills. I was able to be more vulnerable as I wrote.  I got closer in my writing to the authentic me.  Being more able to talk about what I loved, hated and was indifferent about in life and me.  Now my challenge is to expand it to my business and those I serve.

I came home energized and relaxed, demonstrating, again, that a break from the everyday routine of life is important.

This time away allowed me to sharpen my saw, sharpen my skills on several levels: mentally, socially, emotional, spiritually, and in my writing.  It doesn’t matter if writing is important to you or not, but what does matter is the importance of periodically taking a break.

When is your next break to sharpen your skills?  Don’t have one planned yet?  Take a few minutes today and consider what skills training would benefit you the most – whether it is writing, sales training or meditation, give yourself the gift of pause and refresh you.

Need some help deciding what your next step is, give me a call here and we can work it together!

My New Book

I had the opportunity to read to my peers, sections of my soon to be published book: Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation – practice for my book promotions.  This is a compilation of my travel stories and life lessons I’ve learned on the road.

The other major item that happened this week was I chose the cover art for the book and I’m waiting for the designer’s samples – this is getting real!

While the publication date is still several months off, if you want to be on the wait list for notifications about the pre-orders for the book, leave a comment and let me know – I’ll add you to the list.

‘til the next time.



Sharpen Your Saw

Sharpen Your Saw, Sharpen Your Skills

Sheri here,
Today I have a story for you – a fable. As with most fables there is a message in it!

The Woodcutters

There were two woodcutters – an older one, Stan who was weathered and experienced in the ways of chopping wood; and Jack, a younger woodcutter who was brawny and new on the job.

They had a friendly running battle about who could chop the most wood, and they decided one day to have a contest to prove it, once and for all.

The day of the contest came and they both started; but soon, Jack heard Stan quit for a bit and thought, oh yes, I’ve got this. Stan came back to work and busily cut wood, then he stopped again.

This went on all day. Jack was certain he had won, he had never stopped and Stan kept stopping and started. But Jack was astonished when he realized that Stan had beat him by a sizeable margin.

He asked Stan, “How did you do that, you kept stopping?” Stan said: “When I stopped, I was sharpening my saw, so I was always cutting with a sharp saw”.

Pause and Sharpen our Skills

What is the morale here? We need to continually sharpen our saw – our saw is our skills, whether they are physical, mental, social or spiritual.

It is important to pause, as my blog “The Power of the Pause”, mentions AND it is important during some of those pauses to also sharpen the saw – sharpen your skills.

Those skills can be learning some new computer, app, tips, and tricks or spending time in conversation with your High Power seeking an expanded awareness or attending a formal class of interest to you.

Next week, I’m going to be going to a Writing Retreat with my writing coach, Marie Maccagno, “Adventures in Writing” to sharpen my writing skills. As you may know, I’ve been working on a book: Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, due to be published Fall 2022. During this journey, I’ve learned a lot, including new skills.

I’m looking forward to getting away from the everyday and focusing on new learning!

What about you? What are you doing to sharpen your skills? Need some help in focusing on what to do next? Maybe you don’t believe you can afford the time or money to sharpen your skills – let’s talk! Call me here and we’ll figure it out together.

‘til the next time.



P.S. Sharpening you Skills can be daunting; but it is also very exciting.  If you are a bit tentative about why you need to keep learning, schedule a call with me here. and I’ll help you with the why!

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