When A Plan Comes Together

Sheri Here,

Last weekend was my husband’s Celebration of Life. These are the type of events that people dread and have a gloomy prognosis about.

Celebration of Life

Yet, that was not what I wanted. I wanted this event to truly be a Celebration of Life, of a life well lived. For me, the only way I know how to achieve a particular result is to first have a clear picture of what I want and then back up from there. Design a plan to achieve that result.

My husband had been in declining health for a long time and with it came a changing landscape of our relationship. What I wanted was his community to remind me of the person he had been for most of his life and during our time together. To tell the stories of how they best remembered him and how he impacted their lives.

The results are in, every single person I’ve talked to, and I’ve talked with a lot, has mentioned how wonderful the memorial service was.

What we got was an occasion filled with love and laughter because George was a gentle giant with a big sense of humor.

I’ve now been able to recraft the last memories of his life with the love and laughter of a life well lived. That was my objective.

Clear Objectives

To do that, I needed that clear objective and then I went to work designing the event with the help of a group of people who cared for and knew both of us.

Planning works, no matter the project or event. You plan the plan and then work the plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

What About You?

How about you?

Where have you successfully planned an event that you were totally pleased with the outcome?

What about that event that was subpar, was the clear objective and plan missing?

Do you need help formulating a plan for a project or an event?

Then let’s talk. Planning is not difficult; it just takes an intention. Let’s put our heads together and get that plan you want in place. Then let’s do the action, I’ll walk you through it! Let’s set up time here!

Until the next time.



P.S. Do you have a dream that needs fulfilling? Then let’s talk, set up time here!

Re-Entry After A Trip

Sheri Here,

Kauai was wonderful: the trip home and re-entry, not so much.

The Trip

The island was gorgeous. I was staying on the North Shore in Princeville and the weather was cloudy, which means that it would rain for a bit, then stop, the clouds might clear and repeat.

The light was amazing for pictures and if you’d like to see some, go to my Instagram page here to get a look or my FaceBook page here.

My friend, Bonnie, and I did water things – snorkeling and pool time; did sightseeing things – the Botanical Garden and the Kilauea Lighthouse; and ate at some wonderful restaurants. All in all, I wound up refreshed and relaxed.

Then the flight home, which started off an hour and a half delayed, followed by a cacophony of crying babies for five hours during the flight. Just when I thought I was on my last nerve, despite the sound suppressing headphones, we landed. Whew!


Re-entry started! I finally got home around midnight to an empty house. The first time I’ve returned home to singlehood in 25 years, so I’m out of practice!

The phenomenon of post-vacation blues is real, I’m feeling it, despite living in a paradise of another sort here in Southern California and so is my travel mate.

In my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, I talk about re-entry and how to deal with it. One thing is remembering that it takes about a day for every hour of time change to get over jet lag, so it took me three days to recover. Then there is decompressing from the fabulous trip – debriefing yourself: what was great, what not so great (nothing on this trip) and what would I do differently next time?

This trip I came home to the final preparation for my husband’s “Celebration of Life “and the feelings that brings – the sadness and grief of his passing and the joy of having known this kind, sensitive man – one of the good guys. It’s a lot but life continues.

What About You?

How about you?

How do you handle the re-entry after vacation and those post-vacation blues?

If you are struggling – let chat schedule a call here! And let’s talk about it.

Until the next time.



P.S. You can order my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here!

What’s on Your Calendar?

Sheri Here,

When you get this, I’ll be on an airplane home from Hawaii, Kauai to be exact!

Recently, I had a girlfriend planning to go to Kauai for a month and she invited me to come visit for a week. I had nothing stopping me from saying, “Yes!”, and I did.

After all, why not, nothing holding me back, I had the time and the freedom to go.

While this trip wasn’t on my calendar for very long before I went, it was still something to look forward to during a difficult period in my life.

Something to Look Forward To

In my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, I talk about the role having something on our calendar can do for us.

How it is something to look forward to especially during periods of high stress.

While I can’t say my life is currently one of high stress, it is certainly a period of deep emotions and activities I’d rather avoid.

Having a week in Hawaii is just the thing I needed to look forward to.

Packing was easy, I didn’t need a great deal: shorts, T-shirts and a couple of bathing suits.

It worked out as an easy packing plan!

What About You?

What about you?

What have you got on your calendar?

Those fun things to help you navigate bumpy times. Those periods where life is stressful or filled with the “don’t wanna’s?”

If nothing at the moment, take a few minutes and daydream about what the perfect vacation would be.

What destination is on your bucket list?

Which one’s time has come?

Maybe it is a summer camping trip, or a week at a destination resort, or a European vacation.

Add Structure to Your Daydream 

Take the daydream and put a little structure to it.

How can you fit the time in, who do you want to go with, how much is your budget, and voile, it’s planned!

That’s all it takes are these big details to start. The small ones about where you stay, what hotel, which restaurant, what excursion, etc., will follow as well as what to pack.

It’s easy to plan to go and now you are set up with a foil for the doldrums when life is too much in season.

When that happens, take a moment or two and think of the time you’ve set aside to put that stuff on the backburner and live out your dreams.

That brief minute of daydreaming will change your attitude for certain and make it easier to resume the today stuff.

If you’re having a challenge getting to the daydreaming, schedule a call here! Let’s talk about it.

Until the next time.



P.S. If you have a dream and you need a dream fulfillment mentor, book a call here and let’s explore a new way of living into your dreams.

Summer is Time for Vacation

Sheri here,

It is summer, time for vacation!

Have you taken a vacation lately?

Did it involve travel?

Was it too wonderful for words?

Did you have fun and can’t wait to do it again?

As you may know, I recently went on vacation and retreat to Vancouver Island and it was fabulous – refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating!  All the things I want from a vacation.  But traveling can be challenging.  While my flights weren’t cancelled, I did spend 5 hours waiting for connections.

Possibly, you haven’t had a vacation in a long time – do you remember that feeling of excitement and fun from a favorite vacation in the past?

Vacation is intended to be a break from the ordinary as a restful respite.  It may be a busy or active time without the stress of every day.

Some daily self-care routines may carry over into vacation – with more space for self-nurturing.

Staycations are Vacations, Too

You could have good reason, the cost of gas for one or the challenge of travel for another, that continues to keep you at home, but you can choose to take a “Staycation”.  A vacation where you stay at home and hang out the sign calling it VACATION.

How do you approach that?  Identify the characteristics of that vacation that you loved – do you like to go places, eat out, visit friends, play at the pool or the beach, go to a museum, take pictures or take a nap?

Whatever it is, you can create a staycation and do these same types of things! Plan it like any other vacation – choose the time and the activities, put the daily chores on the back burner and enjoy.

The Objective is Fun

For instance, if you love to eat out – choose to different places than usual. It doesn’t need to be expensive – the objective is FUN.

Look around your neighborhood or the area around home and see what fun things there are to do that you haven’t visited in awhile or ever.

Be the tourist in your hometown, enjoy the small local historical museum, the walk through the nearby park with a picnic lunch at the end.

Maybe your community is like mine and is doing Concerts in the Park – GO! Make it different, make it fun.

Who knows, maybe it’s playing a favorite board game with the family and friends for the first time in a long time, a laughter filled time.

Possibly, you’ll discover something you make a part of your regular life because it is close. You’ll get that sense of freedom and relaxation that vacation brings on a mini basis.

A couple of my favorite things are a nap in the afternoon or time with a trashy novel – a complete escape from the everyday ordinary.

A staycation is your opportunity to identify what marks a meaningful break for you – you are relaxed, joyful and you recapture that connection with the things that are important.

My Book Status

In the past, I promised to keep you posted on what I’m up to around town:

The other big news I have is about my book, Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation. I have opened a wait list for publication notifications.  You can sign-up for the wait list.

May you have a blessed, fun-filled week.

‘til the next time.



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