Celebrate, Celebrate – Dance to the Music!

Sheri here –

Celebrate, Celebrate – Dance to the Music!  What’s up with that??

Why, celebration is the best acknowledgment of an accomplishment, a special occasion, or just because.

We don’t need permission from someone else to acknowledge our accomplishments or that of another.

Celebration is underperformed!!

It doesn’t need to be lavish, expensive, fattening or self-sabotaging in any way.

Celebration is how we get to mark something special.  We can invite others to join us or to savor it by ourselves.  It can be a big event like a wedding or a graduation, a birth or an engagement.  Or it can be special to only you – a completion of a project, losing a pound, facing a fear or another personal milestone.

I passionately believe that every event or project we plan needs to have celebration built in.

I remember when I was working in Corporate America, celebration – acknowledgment of a job well done was sporadic.  But those leaders that made it a part of every project were those leaders that most people followed.  They wanted to be part of their organization or event – no matter the size, difficulty or risk.

Was there a connection?  I think so.

So often, we are starved for acknowledgment or praise – we need to begin to do that for ourselves.  That’s where it starts and then spreads.  When we celebrate ourselves, it becomes naturally to celebrate the accomplishments of others.

Growing up – coming home with good grades or a birthday or a holiday seemed to be the only time there was a celebration, an acknowledgement of something done well.

Those words “Good Job” are so important.

Just imagine what life would be like if you automatically said “good job” or “thank you” or “how great is that” to those around you.  How would the environment change?  Wouldn’t it become more fun?  What would the smile rate be?  The happiness quotient?

Do you think that the improvement in your personal satisfaction level is worth a few creative celebrations?

Recently, large in person get togethers have been frowned up – so I’ve seen “drive-by” celebrations for weddings, birthdays, Brownie Bridge Ceremonies – practically everything.

Try it – look for the reasons in your life to celebrate you.  Look for the reasons in others lives to celebrate them.  It could be something as simple as a text, a snail mail handwritten note, a phone call, a bouquet of flowers or as lavish as a full blown event – a dress up evening out!

Make it part of your projects, tasks and events.  Make celebration a regular practice in your life!

Leave a comment below and share some of your creative ideas for celebration events – for yourself or acknowledging others. And what‘s your most recent celebration you’ve done?

Mine?  Looking myself in the mirror and saying good job – that 5 Day Challenge was awesome!!  The flowers will come later this weekend!



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