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Celebrate Success

I recently completed a ten part interview series – Making Lemonade Out of Lemons, empowering women to grow and profit from their life challenges.  Amazing, eh?

It was something that I had never done before and the subject of empowering women to be successful through thick and thin is a topic near and dear to my heart.

In the process, I was stretched beyond where I thought I could stretch.

And yet, when I walked through the fear of doing something, many things actually, outside my existing comfort zone, I discovered something.

I discovered a new me – a me that was confident and excited about life in a new way.

I had new skills and had put together an amazing discussion.

A message that touched many people.

I had wanted to create something with a positive message to counter a lot of the negativity that has been running rampant lately.

I will admit, it was not easy.

But in letting go of the result, by staying tuned into my vision of the outcome, I was able to conquer new territory.

This was a win-win for everyone: for myself, for the speakers and for the listeners.

The feedback I received was heartwarming.

And guess what?  I want to do it again!

It was like riding a roller coaster: the anticipation all the way up and the thrill and exhilaration of the twists and turns on the ride down.

Now I am NOT a roller coaster fan; but, even I can appreciate the rush of finishing that enthralling ride.


After the thank yous to everyone, there was one final step: CELEBRATE!

I have been taught, that celebration and recognition of an accomplishment is important.  As important as the plan for the event.

It is a form of a thank you.  Thanking the Universe for our blessings, expressing gratitude for what we have, will start a cycle of continued blessings.

My experience has been, the more I express my gratitude, the more I have to be grateful for.


I have a friend with whom I talk frequently, especially when life is difficult.  You know the daily stuff that isn’t working quite right.

Inevitable, her first question after my tale of woe is: have you written your gratitude list today?

I always roll my eyes and think really?!  The sky is falling and you want to know if I wrote my gratitude list?

Of course, by now, I know that before I call or see her, I need to put pen to paper and list out at LEAST three things for which I am grateful.

Sometimes, the items on my list are the same things: grateful for the financial abundance to pay my bills, my spiritual program, my health, my husband and grandchildren who bring great joy to my life.

But other times, when I am more peaceful and centered, I can look at a much broader arena of blessings in my life.

In some of her writings, Sarah Ban Breathnach, the author of “Simple Abundace, a Daybook of Comfort and Joy” talks of doing a daily gratitude list.

And then she goes on encourages you to also identify a list of 50 to 100 things for which we are grateful.

Boy, THAT list took some doing.  But that list is wonderful.

When I’m short on things to see as blessings.  It is a great reminder of how wonderful my life really is.  Even if at the moment I’m in the dumps.

Well, I sure got a bit off track!  I started talking about celebrating successes and wound up talking about gratitude!

I love to travel, knitting and, now, scouting locations for my upcoming spiritual retreat series.  And combining them, is just a bonus.

My celebration for this accomplishment in my life was to reward myself with a knitting cruise to the Western Caribbean.  (What do you think about a spiritual retreat aboard a cruise ship?  Built in pampering, seeing the world and just relaxing? Let me know in the comments below, what you think.)

Would I have still gone on the cruise if I hadn’t had such a wonderfuil success to celebrate?  Of course, I would.

But, having just finished a major project, the joy of the trip was that much sweeter.

I don’t know, maybe the blue green of the water was that much clearer, the sunrise and sunsets that I saw that much more spectacular.  Who knows?  But that is how it felt!

How do you celebrate?  Do you celebrate life’s small accomplishments?  Some days it could be just getting out of bed, other days it may be finishing everything on your to do list.

Do you take stock and count your blessings for the little things as well as the big ones?

The smile of your children when they get out of school.

Finishing the laundry and putting it all away, before someone starts digging through it to find a pair of soxs.

Taking off your shoes after a long day.

Do you take joy in the little things?

How your dog is sooo excited to see you when you come home.

The tast of that magnificent salad that you are having for dinner.

If not, I encourage you to take notice of those little things.  To find the joy, to count the blessings of the little things and the big ones.

To keep a daily gratitude list.

To celebrate your life and the daily successes.

You might be surprised at what comes your way.

In the meantime, join me at Sheri’s Creative Works Facebook Page or on Instagram to continue the celebration of success and the attitude of gratitude!!



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  1. Sheri, I love your optimistic approach to life. In my business I always encourage others to seize the day and enjoy what many would consider small blessings, but what are actually the things that can make our day. Finding blessings in our lives can actually come from being happy for other people’s successes. It isn’t always just about us. I have 478 cancer survivor volunteers and I delight in their successes, especially the medical ones. My best day is when I help someone smile, laugh, or just ease their stress. We truly have to look out for one another in this world. Thank you for the Making Lemonade Out of Lemons Virtual Summit.

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