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Small money changes can add up to saving some serious money!

Last weekend, two of my girlfriends and I did the annual girls’ weekend to Laguna Beach.  It turned into a money success story!

We go to the Pageant of the Masters , stay overnight and then go to the Sawdust Festival the next day.

What on earth is that you ask?  Well, the Pageant of the Masters is a theatrical event where actors reinvent famous (and not so famous) paintings, movie posters, sculptures, lamps and other works of art which include people. 

Leveraging costumes, makeup, painted scenery and lighting, the life size replicas on stage are astonishing in the likeness to the artwork.

It is breathtaking!  You sit and stare through your binoculars at the works of art waiting for someone to breath, blink or move.  The actors are so good, that for the few minutes they are on stage in position you see them as still as statues.

A Girls’ Weekend FREE!

Before the show is a wonderful art show. These magnificent art pieces include paintings, sculptures, photos, glass work, fiber art and other beautiful pieces.

Since the three of us have been going for so many years, we generally look for our favorite artists to see their current offerings.

Then we enjoy a leisurely dinner before the show.

After all that excitement, we retired to a local inn, so we can get up early the next day for the Sawdust Festival, another wonderful Art Show.  Once again, we seek out our favorite artists and reminisce on the pieces that we have bought in the past.

So much fun spending a weekend with the girls – self-care at its best!!

But the best part: I had “saved” enough money using many of the simple money saving tips I’ve been sharing in the last couple of blogs (see here) to pay for the weekend – the entrance tickets, the meals, and the room.

Easily Save Some Serious Money!

While I didn’t save quite enough for my artistic purchases, I did pay cash for most of it! 

As I’ve mentioned, these tips can save you serious money – enough for a special girlfriends’ weekend!

Where can you convert money you are spending that is no longer serving you and turn it into savings? Whether you use it for a special event or add to your cash reserves…anything is possible!  Consider it a TREASURE hunt!

This week’s 5 hot tips:

1. This may border on the heretic; but, reconsider the brands you use for cosmetics, skin & hair care. Good quality and effective doesn’t mean most expensive!

2. Invite friends over for dinner instead of going out . Make it into a BBQ and/or potluck.

3. Are you using your gym membership enough to make it a worthwhile recurring expense? If no, discontinue it. Look at how much you have spent on the “maybe someday I’ll go” membership.

4. Call your credit card companies and ask for an interest rate reduction. If they say you aren’t eligible for a reduction, ask them what the requirements are. When you meet them, call back and ask again!

5. Summer is the time of lots of travel, including out-of-the-country travel. Use the local currency, it will be less costly than using dollars. Even though shops may accept dollars, you will pay more because they will use the most favorable conversion rate for them, not you!

I would LOVE to hear from you what is your favorite money saving tip?   Just drop it into the comments below!. 

Here is to your personal prosperity and abundance this week…talk with you soon!


P.S. If you would like all the tips at once – you can get the “101 Ways to Save Money” here!

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