Life-Long Learning

Sheri Here,

Are you committed to continually learning something new and keeping your brain active?

This is NOT just a New Year’s resolution or a Beginning of the Year Goal.  This is the day in, day out; year in year out learning something new.

I learned about this concept working for The Boeing Company, where they place a great deal of emphasis on learning new skills and keeping old skills fresh.

My latest skill update is voice lessons.  Why you ask?  Why not!  I think it will be great fun and I want to make better presentations.  Who knows, maybe I could record an audio book with my new skills!

Choose Your Learning Path

How do you know what’s right for you?  Maybe that answer comes from investing some time, effort and money in researching it.

Do you remember the old sharpen the saw story?  If you’ve forgotten, see my blog Sharpen Your Saw, Sharpen Your Skills. The story never goes out of date.  It is applicable no matter your age. We are never too young or too old to learn something new!

We sometime outgrow or forget our skills and need that refresh or we choose to develop new ones, like my voice lessons!

What’s the Cost?

Maybe you want to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) and take one of The Great Courses or a Masterclass.  These are classes taught by knowledgeable experts and well-known professionals in their field.  If you don’t know anything about either, follow the links and check them out.  (I receive no compensation from referring you to these locations.  I just believe in the value of learning.)

It could be an investment of time, effort and money, in health and wellness such as a gym membership and a private trainer.  Maybe you want to go back to school or engage a coach, rather than DIY, like I have hired a voice coach to help me learn a little faster.  Next thing ya know, I’ll be taking acting lessons!  Kidding, just kidding! Hmmm.

What’s your choice?? Need some suggestions?  You could set up a connection call by using the link here and we could put our heads together and see what fun thing we come up with!   



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