Spring Has Sprung

Sheri Here,

Spring has sprung and new life is everywhere.  Ok, so it is still a little cold or wet or snowy but look close and you’ll see new life.  This is the time of renewal and rebirth.

How appropriate for where I am.  It’s perfect since I’m re-defining my future and my present goals.

Reflect & Re-Evaluate

What?! You say?  Yes, I reflect and re-evaluate my goals at least quarterly and just recently did the first quarterly review.

Even though I’m restructuring portions of my life – I made progress on some of my goals.  Others had to change to reflect the re-visioning of my life.  My revised life bucket list!

It’s ok to cross things off your bucket list when they no longer fit your current desires or direction.  Some things are harder to abandon than others because they’ve been a part of you for so long.  But it is ok to feel sadness for saying goodbye to dreams that were long time friends – whether they became reality or not.  Sometimes it happens because we accomplish the dreams and there is still sadness.  Like saying good-by to a longtime friend.

Replenish Your Life

As long as we continue to dream to see the possibility of what life holds, we can still find great value in our life bucket list and our dreams.

It’s when dreams die with no replenishment that our lives feel emptier with little to no possibility.

These are the times that professional help might be of great assistance to get us past the point of emptiness.  If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, get help – don’t wait.

In this Spring time of the year, find the renewal of possibility.  Find something new to pique your curiosity.  I just started coloring and am considering taking up painting.  What about you?  What does this springtime hold for you?  What new things in nature, creativity or spirituality are you going to pursue?  Are you stuck, and need someone to brainstorm with – hit reply or go here and call.

Around town, buds, flowers and new growth are everywhere.  Take time to go on a walk, maybe go visit the wildflowers that are bursting forth everywhere!

‘Til the next time.



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