Happy Mother’s Day

Sheri Here,

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mothers.  And to the aunts, sisters, and step-mothers who have stepped into the role and supported someone’s journey into adulthood. That is an important job.

My Story

I had a tumultuous relationship with my mom over the last years of her life. She passed over 35 years ago. Somedays I miss her desperately and Mother’s Day is one of those times.

I’ve planted rose gardens everywhere I’ve lived. Mom nurtured my love of roses. She would love the garden today; it has blooms that are amazing. When I walk through the garden, it’s like a visit with Mom.

How Are You Celebrating?

What about you?

How are you honoring Mom?

What’s on your agenda?

A visit, a call, or a walk in a rose garden?

However you do it, honor the person who mothered you, even if it wasn’t your biological Mom.



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