Money Matters

Sheri here –

Minding your money today may seem a little harder than a year ago.  Everywhere there are talks of high inflation, high interest, and economic challenges.

Money matters if you don’t pay some attention.

Yes, your money matters and the fact is it doesn’t buy as much as it used to.  You may find you need to make some changes – especially in the non-essential spending area or even in that emotional spending category.

But with some proactive action there is to no need to feel that the sky is falling as the news likes to picture things.

Feeling Out of Control? Try This…

If you feel you have little control over anything, here are a few suggestions to help change that feeling:

  • Minimize the amount of news you listen to – this will help reduce some of the anxiety by not focusing on the negative.
  • Initiate (or continue) a gratitude practice – this is a daily list of 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for – generally different things daily. This helps keep you focused on the positive, the glass is half full, and helps counter the negativity you may hear.
  • Take some deep breathes, when you hear some financially related news that may be upsetting, and think of your gratitude list.
  • Keep a log of what you spend – sometimes seeing the facts of your spending in black and white can help you notice the non-essential, excessive spending or emotional spending. That can help you put things in perspective by giving you a true picture of how things fit in your income.
  • Consider helping someone else – this doesn’t need to be monetary help, although it could be, consider donating some of your time to a worthwhile venture performing acts of kindness. It could be at the local animal shelter, food bank, or to help a shut in by being a friendly face or ear for a a little bit.

None of these change the external environment, but they will change your internal environment and your mindset, bringing a little more ease and comfort.

Looking for Money Saving Tips?

If you are looking for some concrete suggestions to save money, you can try a couple of things from my free e-book – 101 Ways to Save Money, Simple Ways to Keep Money in Your Pocket.  Just follow the link here.  While 101 ways may seem like a lot, pick one or two and try them – they could not only save you money, but you might have some fun with them.

Until the next time – lighten up and have some fun!