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Holiday Self-Care

Sheri Here!

Here we are smack dab in the middle of the holidays.  One of the most important things at this point is Holiday Self-Care.

You may say its too late, I’m already a frazzled mess.  To the contrary – it’s never too late!

There are several keys components to self-care at this time of year: schedule, budget, shopping list, rest, help, and fun!


Don’t over-plan or over-schedule yourself – leave room on the calendar to breathe and rest.

You may have lots of things to squeeze in, buying and wrapping gifts, making the holiday cookies, decorating the house, attending the kids or grandkids school celebrations, etc., etc., etc.

If necessary, say NO!  No is a complete sentence and really doesn’t require explanation.  But, if you feel you must, you can say: “No, thank you, we’re already committed for that day, time, or evening, etc.”

That is sufficient.  If the person who has invited you knows you and is a friend, that should be enough.  If they try to badger you, politely say, “I’ve got to go” and get off the phone.  If they are a good friend, they will understand.


Last week, we chatted in my blog about the importance of a budget (See Keep Your Eye on Your Wallet).  It is never too late to put together a quick budget with the things left to buy.  That’ll give you financial guidance like the schedule gives you time management guidance and gives you the freedom to know where you stand and to make good decisions.

Shopping List

This list covers gifts as well as food for entertaining and potlucks.  A list allows you to keep track in black and white, rather than relying on your memory to remember all the key things you need.

You can then group all the items by location, e.g., shopping mall, internet shopping or the grocery store.  This helps you stay organized and reduce the number of trips you need to schedule and save yourself some time.  Or if you must make an unscheduled stop at the grocery store, you might be able to pick up a few things, and save yourself another trip.

Having a gift list is also helpful – it makes certain you’ve remembered everyone, including your postal clerk, your children’s teachers, your hair stylist and other service folks in addition to family and friends who make the list.  It helps make shopping easier, too, because you can group things by location or store and reduce some of the running about.


Even though you may prescribe to the “I’ll rest when I retire” theory, resting during this busy time of year is important for several reasons.   These reasons include: you can have fun during this time of year, your resistance to getting sick is high, and you are fun to be around!


Ask for help from friends, family, the kids, and the neighbors. As needed, allow yourself to ask and accept offers of help.

Since my husband has had limitations on his mobility, my neighbor has helped me get down some of the Holiday decorations, which are difficult for me to do alone.

The day of holiday entertainment, when others offer, say YES, rather than be a martyr to doing it alone.  Better yet, make it a potluck and allow others to contribute, it makes it easier on you and your budget.

Have FUN

Make this a season of fun and gratitude.  Be a spark of light at the festivities you attend.  That spark becomes easier when you are not overextended timewise or financially, you’ve gotten good rest, and said YES to help.

This is a season known for good tidings and joy (see my blog Joy, ‘Tis the Season or Is It?). Be the bearer of both and enjoy your time with others.

What are some of your favorite ways of holiday self-care?  Share by hitting the reply – inquiring minds (mine) want to know!!

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Keep Your Eyes on Your Wallet

Sheri Here!

Keep your eyes on your wallet and your hands on your purse – hummed to the old tune Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Your Hands on the Wheel.

Black Friday

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone. If you are like many you’ve been shopping for deals and making the retailers’ heart sing.

Black Friday was originally the day after Thanksgiving. It earned its title because traditionally, the retailers profits post-Thanksgiving turned from red to black. Retailers make about 40% of their annual sales in the last quarter of their year – typically November, December and January.

But whether that’s true this year, in these crazy times – who knows. It seems like everything is on “sale”, but is it really a good deal? Only if you feel it is and your budget agrees (oh that b word, darn)!

Holiday Budget

Speaking of budget, did you create one for the December holidays? It’s not too late! You can still do it. The budget will help you to avoid overspending. Your budget could include a list of people to buy for and an approximate amount to spend to keep you focused.

The harder thing to manage is the expectations of those around you. It’s never too late to start or continue the conversation that “Santa” may not bring everything this year. You can ask for a wish list, with the items in priority order and caution the writer, that the wish list doesn’t guarantee, it’s going to happen!! After all, it is a WISH LIST.

Living with a Budget

I know it’s hard to not give the family everything they want, or you want to give. This maybe the year that the kids start to learn about a budget, and they can help you live within it.

In some instances, it might be time for a new approach. Maybe with the extended family rather than everyone buying for all, consider drawing names. Each person is only buying one present and you set a spending limit. You get the idea – a way of reducing the amount of money that you are spending on gifts or gift cards.

A large family can be amazing for great relationships (or not) but tough on the pocketbook and the spending budget during the holidays.

Christmas Fund and Other Money Saving Ideas

Maybe next year you can start early and set up a Christmas Fund early in the year. I remember doing that years ago – putting aside a certain amount of cash from each paycheck in a special savings account. There are ways to set aside real money during the year, to avoid spending credit for the holiday expenses. This is where you can get creative and ease the hit to the wallet next year.

What other ideas do you have for stretching your holiday budget? I’d love to hear. You can leave a comment and fill me in. To help you out, you might like my “101 Ways to Save Money”. Just click here and I’ll send it to you.

I’m always looking for great ways to save money or to add to the “101 Ways to Save Money”! Try it – you just might find some great ideas to help the wallet. Click here!

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The Week Before Thanksgiving

The New Normal at Thanksgiving

Is this the first Thanksgiving holiday after the pandemic, that you’ve had people over or that you’re going places? Or are you old hat at being amongst groups of friends and family.

Last year, was a more hybrid type holiday season. Many people were restrained about decisions to travel or be in a crowd. Lots of families were still visiting virtually.

If you are like some of my friends, and me, you did travel somewhere during the past year. You found yourself amongst a group of people, came home and got sick with Covid. This Thanksgiving, it may still be a risk, but we’ve become a little more adventurous. We’re more willing to be out and about – with or without a mask. Whatever you do, have a fun, safe holiday.

One of the special things about Thanksgiving is the celebration of gratitude for all the many blessings in our lives. Grateful that we have the freedom to choose how we wish to celebrate and who we wish to spend it with.

To Travel or Not to Travel?

Traveling during the holidays can be filled with lots of opportunities to practice patience. Lots of people and potential weather impacts translate into potential travel challenges. Consider taking with you extra snacks of the low-sugar variety, just-in-case your long-distance travel plans hit a snag. Those snacks can help the “grumpy” factor and possibly postpone a meltdown!

If you decide you aren’t ready to go visiting and are going to just stay home or you’re going out to a restaurant – enjoy.

Another choice, skip the celebration entirely, treat it as just another day. If that’s what you want to do, go for it, and don’t let anyone shame you about your decision.

We’re having company this year for the first time in three years. Our granddaughters, four of them between 6 and 14, are coming over along with their wonderful parents. This will be a classic food fest with a turkey and all the fixings. Oh yes, one can’t forget the traditional football on the Thanksgiving day. This weekend is the final house preparation and then Wednesday turns to the food. After all Thanksgiving is all about the food, family, and friends – and the football!

A Season of Gratitude and Contentment

There is a sense of contentment and joy (see the blog: Joy – ‘Tis the Season Or Is it?) in the process. I’m excited to see the family and receive their hugs – big blessings in my life.

What about you? Are you receiving guests, staying home, going to a restaurant, traveling, or feeding the homeless? I’d really love to know! Leave a comment and share your plans.

Whatever you do on this day of gratitude, please know that you are part of the blessings in my life. To have you along on this journey called life is special. Thank you.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Ciao,

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