Receiving – Just Say Thank You!

Sheri here –

The last time someone complimented you, did you just say thank you?

Or did you say something like: This old thing, I’ve had it forever. Or maybe:  My hair stylist finally got the cut right.  Or possibly: I only lost 5 pounds; I have another 30 to go?

Have you ever had someone respond to your sincere compliment like that?  It felt sorta crummy didn’t it?  Will you ever give them a compliment again?

Why is it so hard to receive?

What possesses us to diminish ourselves and the person who gives us a compliment?  Why do we find it so hard to receive?  What are we afraid of? 

Where did we learn that behavior?  How many people have we rejected because we rejected their gift?  

A compliment is a gift and deserves to be treated with the reverence we give any gift. Gifts are part of the flow of abundance from the Universe.

Receiving is Part of Giving

Maybe we were taught it is better to give than to receive.  Receiving is part of giving!  When you give a gift, what did you want in return?  A sincere honest, heart-felt thank you from the recipient!  Thank you is a gift for the giver.  

How many times have you really struggled to find that perfect gift and then the recipient just seemed to blow it off by not saying thank you?  

Wow, that feels yucky.  How many more gifts are you giving THAT person?  As few as possible, many none??

So, you were taught it is better to give than to receive, maybe it is time to reframe that thinking!  Receiving is the other side of the giving coin, a major part of the flow of abundance.  If you are unable to receive, you suppress a portion of the value of your giving.  Your giving, although important, doesn’t have the same impact.

If we don’t graciously receive, then what?

Ok, but if you can NOT receive graciously, how many more things do you think you will be given?  That includes pay increases, acceptances of your offers, invitations to exclusive events or even a date with that special someone. 

Consider that your openness to receiving is a factor in you achieving your goals of an abundant life

  • the love, 
  • the recognition and 
  • the income you desire.

Saying thank you to a compliment is an easy way to receive.  But maybe not, if you have old baggage and training that stops you from easily accepting anything: a compliment, a gift or even money.  Maybe this is making you unhappy or feeling inadequate and you want help to change that – then just click here to book a call and let’s talk!

Take this time to practice receiving the gifts of the universe, whether abundance and wealth or joy, love and happiness.  Til the next time….



P.S. If you are stuck with either receiving the gifts of the universe or implementing any of the savings tips that we’ve been discussing over the weeks – call me, let’s talk and formulate a plan.  Schedule your call here!