Building a Support Network

Sheri Here,

My draft of my next book – the workbook companion to Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, is complete and out with my Beta readers.

Thank you, ladies, you don’t know how much I value your help and your viewpoints. Your input helps shape the final result.

Thankful for Support

There are so many people and their kindnesses that I’m thankful for, especially now in these days after my husband’s passing.

I’ve been working on his Celebration of Life and am putting together a lovely memorial with the help from many others; especially, the hand holding.

I have come to appreciate the strength of my support groups because of all their love, support, and help. I can’t imagine doing this alone.

Even just yesterday, as we were putting photos together for the picture collage, I had several girlfriends working with me.

Living a Rich Life

The journey of George from birth through a rich full life was filled with people over the years who made a difference in his life.

He was surrounded by people doing things: golf, triathlons, celebrating birthdays and holidays like the one just past. A life well lived.

How do we do that?

Part of it’s finding like minded people, building relationships over time, saying yes to invitations to do things, putting ourselves out there, stretching our comfort zone.

How About You?

How about you?

Do you have a rich full life or are there empty corners that need filling?

Step outside your comfort zone and embrace something new. Something that might entail new people and new things to do.

Then take pictures of the fun times, give a party, a small gathering, say, “yes” to invitations, and see how you can contribute.

Slowly, one day at a time, you’ll build a network of people, fun, support, and wonderful memories. It starts with one small step.

If you’re having trouble getting started, let us chat – schedule a call here!

Until the next time.



P.S. If you have a dream and you need a dream fulfillment mentor, book a call here and let’s explore a new way of living into your dreams.

This Was Unexpected

This Was Unexpected…

Sheri Here,

My husband of 23 years died a couple of weeks ago, after being in the hospital for almost two weeks. He had been the subject of endless tests which showed nothing but “normal” for a man his age – poppycock. He had been in steadily declining health for the last several years and he has relief from his suffering.

Notes of Condolences

I have received countless notes of condolences and they really have helped. Especially those with a brief story or two about what they loved about George or about how he impacted their life.

Those heartfelt lines have given me back pieces of the man I loved long before his illness started to change him. Those notes are precious and mean the world to me.

Your Experience

How about you?

Have you ever had to write a quick note to someone’s survivor about a person who left us?

Do you include a note or are you baffled about what to say?

What to Say

A heartfelt comment about the deceased can have more of a positive impact than you may know.

Be sincere, be real, and share from the heart.

In the meantime, may you have a blessed day and hug your loved ones hard – if not for you, do it as a favor to me.



P.S. If you have a dream and you need a dream fulfillment mentor, book a call here and let’s explore a new way of living into your dreams.

Money Matters

Sheri here –

Minding your money today may seem a little harder than a year ago.  Everywhere there are talks of high inflation, high interest, and economic challenges.

Money matters if you don’t pay some attention.

Yes, your money matters and the fact is it doesn’t buy as much as it used to.  You may find you need to make some changes – especially in the non-essential spending area or even in that emotional spending category.

But with some proactive action there is to no need to feel that the sky is falling as the news likes to picture things.

Feeling Out of Control? Try This…

If you feel you have little control over anything, here are a few suggestions to help change that feeling:

  • Minimize the amount of news you listen to – this will help reduce some of the anxiety by not focusing on the negative.
  • Initiate (or continue) a gratitude practice – this is a daily list of 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for – generally different things daily. This helps keep you focused on the positive, the glass is half full, and helps counter the negativity you may hear.
  • Take some deep breathes, when you hear some financially related news that may be upsetting, and think of your gratitude list.
  • Keep a log of what you spend – sometimes seeing the facts of your spending in black and white can help you notice the non-essential, excessive spending or emotional spending. That can help you put things in perspective by giving you a true picture of how things fit in your income.
  • Consider helping someone else – this doesn’t need to be monetary help, although it could be, consider donating some of your time to a worthwhile venture performing acts of kindness. It could be at the local animal shelter, food bank, or to help a shut in by being a friendly face or ear for a a little bit.

None of these change the external environment, but they will change your internal environment and your mindset, bringing a little more ease and comfort.

Looking for Money Saving Tips?

If you are looking for some concrete suggestions to save money, you can try a couple of things from my free e-book – 101 Ways to Save Money, Simple Ways to Keep Money in Your Pocket.  Just follow the link here.  While 101 ways may seem like a lot, pick one or two and try them – they could not only save you money, but you might have some fun with them.

Until the next time – lighten up and have some fun!



Gratitude – A Solution to Chaos

Sheri here –

I’m sorry. I owe you an apology. I haven’t kept you up to date, it’s been about 14 months since I’ve written to you. Like many people I know, things got crazy during the shutdown and the re-emergence. But there were endless things to be grateful for despite the chaos.

Sanctuary or Chaos

We were sheltering in place, in the sanctuary of our home. But then life intervened in the form of two major water leaks that required I pack up the downstairs of my home and put it into storage. That was packing up the living areas – what havoc. Then that was closely followed by a plumbing repipe which required huge holes to be cut in every area of the downstairs, new piping and then repatching and painting.

What a mess and it wasn’t all nicely contained to a couple of days. It was spread over several months of living in the pandemonium.

Then my husband got shingles and was hospitalized. While we were blessed with no covid for which I am endlessly grateful, I was overwhelmed and went into a deep depression after dealing with what seemed like one crisis after another.

Things did turn around.

Asking for Help 

I realized I needed to ask for help. Asking for help is not always easy (See “Ask for Help: A Sign of Strength”. While all of this was distressing, it was not life threatening and I realized I had a great deal to be grateful for.

Gratitude – A Solution

Gratitude, counting our blessings, is a frequent solution to the chaos in our lives. Counting blessings helps chase the darkness away. Gratitude allows us the space to see where there is good amongst the overwhelm.

We had a roof over our head, the time and the financial resources to deal with all the craziness. What I discovered is that I did not need to deal with this alone. Not only were there friends and family, my Higher Power, my God, was available to support me as I did the work that only I could do.

Things have turned around and as a dear friend reminded me, “Spring follows Winter, and the bleakness leads to buds and flowers.”

I see Spring in my rose garden in the back yard, that flowers beautifully, the garden smells delightfully.

The stories of rebuilding abound, not only my tale, but those of so many others I know, including small businesses that had to adapt to the Covid restrictions. Just look around, the renewal is like Spring, in another form. Then there is the kindness of others. Life is back in session.

One thing I did do while on sabbatical, I spent a lot of time writing, specifically writing a book (more to come in future notes); counting my blessings; and connecting with others over Zoom. Being grateful despite the chaos.

And how about you – how have you fared the last year or so. Leave a comment below and let me know.

If you find yourself in a downturn spot and are looking for some strategies to deal with life or to reinvent your life plans, give me a call here. I’ve got lots of fresh ideas

Til the next time…


P.S. Dreaming and revising our dreams are part of life – part of reinventing ourselves. Sometimes it is easier than other times. If you are looking for some insight and some suggestions, feel free to reach out and let’s talk. Book a call here.


The Key to Abundance

The Key to Abundance

Sheri here –

What has graciously receiving gifts got to do with abundance, you may ask?

Why it has everything to do with it.

In the past, I’ve discussed both Receiving (see blog post here) and Giving (see blog post here) and how it is part of the cycle of abundance. With abundance comes gratitude, and gratitude brings abundance. Giving and receiving don’t easily exist without the other and neither do gratitude and abundance.

Abundance is Receiving

Here we are, once again, in the season known for giving. Even though things are different this time of year than they normally are, it is still typically when people are looking for gifts. But, let me ask you – how easily do you accept a gift? How gracious are you?

Somewhere, many of us learned that it is better to give than to receive. Yet, if we don’t become gracious about receiving – either compliments, gifts, money, promotions, or other blessings, we rob ourselves of a piece of the abundance cycle.

After all, abundance is receiving the gifts of the Universe!

Learning how to receive is just as important as learning how to give.  By not being able to gracious receive gifts from others you are robbing their joy in giving and could stop the flow of abundance from the Universe.

When you graciously accept gifts from others, you can recognize and graciously accept gifts from the Universe. The Universe gives you many opportunities to fulfill your requests, you need only recognize them. Recognizing those gifts and blessings takes practice.

Receiving graciously from another is practice for gracious receiving from the Universe.  So giving and receiving are closely related.  It is the balance of both that opens the door to true fulfilment and abundance.

With abundance comes gratitude, which in turn creates more abundance. Abundance and gratitude are intimately connected.

Graciously Receiving Help

Some of those gifts may require asking and receiving help (see more about that conversation in this blog post here) to be able to fully enjoy! Asking and receiving help is also part of how the Universe helps us fulfill our vision and our mission.

Who knew that graciously receiving a gift would lead us to abundance, gratitude and tools to further fulfill our vision!

May your life be filled with blessings.



Pandemic, Politics, Blue Moons and Mercury in Retrograde

Sheri here –

Whew, so relieved that emotionally charged grand slam of a global pandemic, politics, blue moons, and Mercury in retrograde is subsiding. Sorta.

I don’t know about you, but I’m emotionally drained – tapped out, from those events.  In addition, COVID-19 continues its wave of fear and anxiety about loved ones who are sick or suffering with mental illness, increased reports of domestic violence and child abuse, along with isolation and loneliness.

While there is still more emotion lurking with the aftermath, the COVID-19 news and the holidays quickly approaching, now more than ever it is vital that you be gentle with yourself and others. Self-care couldn’t be more important than ever.

So exercise self-compassion, hold few expectations and be kind to yourself and others. No, I don’t think you’re a saint – merely a gentle soul who’s been battered by the times and needs a break! Even just a short one — how about a nap?

November is the Month of Thanksgiving

Only you can give you a break. Sure, you might need the support of others, but no one’s going to give you a break but you! Thus, the recommendations of self-care, compassion, gentleness and kindness.

Resist overindulging in food, drink or spending. Coping with stress and anxiety in healthy ways will help make you, the people you care about and your community stronger. You will thank yourself later!

Speaking of giving thanks, November is the month of Thanksgiving. Look around, there are many things for which to give thanks.

While this year’s holiday times may be different than in the past, you can find creative ways to connect with folks near and far. For example, you can schedule a virtual coffee date with a different friend each week, Facetime with family and friends all over the world, and network across different communities virtually via Zoom or Google Meet.

Be Kind Toward Yourself and Others

What creative things have you come up with so far?? Drop a comment below and share the ideas.

When you are out and about, share a friendly wave of hello as many times smiles are not visible behind masks. Be kind toward yourself and others – you never know what challenges people are dealing with.

While you may not be able to relieve their stress, you can avoid adding to it. Compassion for yourself and others plus regular self-care are regal companions to thankfulness.

Pamper yourself lavishly with kind thoughts and gentle deeds. Create an environment where you and others can find some relief from the high emotions of the last weeks and months.

A kind deed, a helping hand, a gracious heart can help some of the healing to begin. It starts with you… Live life in new ways with no regrets (share some of those new ways in the comments below).

‘Til the next time…


P.S. If you are feeling a bit down and would like something to change things – download my free eBook, “3 Steps to Reinvent You: Go from Stuck to Excited & Fulfilled.”

Celebrating Gratitude and A Challenge

Sheri here –

Did you know that September 21 every year is designated World Gratitude Day – since 1965.  A day dedicated world-wide for expressing appreciation for all we’ve got to be thankful for.

Until recently I didn’t realize that Gratitude had an “official” day.  For me, gratitude is a daily practice.  It is an opportunity to pause, look around my own life and acknowledge all of life’s blessings – no matter the circumstances.

Gratitude Practice

Ciscero, a Roman senator and philosopher who lived around 60 BC was an early advocate of gratitude. He called Gratitude “the Queen of all Virtues and the parent of all other virtues.”  While the language is a bit archaic you get the idea!

Gratitude is also basic premise in each of the world’s major religions.  So, there must be something to this gratitude business.

Yet, I was clueless until my mid 30s about this major life principle.  It took some personally tough times to discover the value of gratitude.  But we learn what we need to learn, when we need to learn it – maybe now is your time.

Maybe your experience was different, and you already know about the benefits of a gratitude practice.  If so, then may this just be a reminder!

If not, why not try an experiment?

Count Your Blessings

Try a gratitude practice for 30 days and see if things don’t change for you. What have you got to lose?

It’s remarkably simple.  Once a day, either in the morning or evening or both if you are really ambitious, take a piece of paper and write 3 things for which you are grateful.

These three things could be as simple as having a bed to sleep in, food in your refrigerator, a roof over your head, a beautiful sunset or flower.  You get the idea.

It can be the simple blessings in your life. It could be the kindness of a stranger. The everyday blessings, that you take for granted every day and that go relatively unnoticed until you focus.

When you look closely you will find lots of blessings surrounding you. The more you look, the more you’ll see.

Giving Thanks and The Benefits

Acknowledging your blessings are a way of thanking the Universe, of thanking God, and the more you thank, the more you are given to be thankful for.

What is your response when you are appreciated and thanked, aren’t you likely to be even more generous?  It’s been my experience after using a regular gratitude practice, that the blessings flow – so God or the Universe must also appreciate the acknowledgment.

Maybe we just notice the blessings in our life more; but, maybe there really are more.  Do you want to take a chance on missing out?

Who knows what blessings may come your way when you say thank you?

It’s simple, just try the gratitude practice – writing 3 to 5 things you appreciate for 30 days and see what changes.

Even if your circumstances don’t change, your attitude might be more positive.  Maybe you’ll find you’re a bit happier or you’re smiling more.  A more positive attitude makes dealing with the rest of life just a little easier! Who knows what could happen?

What do you say? I challenge you – keep track in writing for 30 days, 3 to 5 things a day that are blessings in your life. See what happens!



P.S. Leave one or two of your favorite blessings in the comment below! 

P.P.S. If you’d like a little more information on Gratitude you can check it out here

Receiving – Just Say Thank You!

Sheri here –

The last time someone complimented you, did you just say thank you?

Or did you say something like: This old thing, I’ve had it forever. Or maybe:  My hair stylist finally got the cut right.  Or possibly: I only lost 5 pounds; I have another 30 to go?

Have you ever had someone respond to your sincere compliment like that?  It felt sorta crummy didn’t it?  Will you ever give them a compliment again?

Why is it so hard to receive?

What possesses us to diminish ourselves and the person who gives us a compliment?  Why do we find it so hard to receive?  What are we afraid of? 

Where did we learn that behavior?  How many people have we rejected because we rejected their gift?  

A compliment is a gift and deserves to be treated with the reverence we give any gift. Gifts are part of the flow of abundance from the Universe.

Receiving is Part of Giving

Maybe we were taught it is better to give than to receive.  Receiving is part of giving!  When you give a gift, what did you want in return?  A sincere honest, heart-felt thank you from the recipient!  Thank you is a gift for the giver.  

How many times have you really struggled to find that perfect gift and then the recipient just seemed to blow it off by not saying thank you?  

Wow, that feels yucky.  How many more gifts are you giving THAT person?  As few as possible, many none??

So, you were taught it is better to give than to receive, maybe it is time to reframe that thinking!  Receiving is the other side of the giving coin, a major part of the flow of abundance.  If you are unable to receive, you suppress a portion of the value of your giving.  Your giving, although important, doesn’t have the same impact.

If we don’t graciously receive, then what?

Ok, but if you can NOT receive graciously, how many more things do you think you will be given?  That includes pay increases, acceptances of your offers, invitations to exclusive events or even a date with that special someone. 

Consider that your openness to receiving is a factor in you achieving your goals of an abundant life

  • the love, 
  • the recognition and 
  • the income you desire.

Saying thank you to a compliment is an easy way to receive.  But maybe not, if you have old baggage and training that stops you from easily accepting anything: a compliment, a gift or even money.  Maybe this is making you unhappy or feeling inadequate and you want help to change that – then just click here to book a call and let’s talk!

Take this time to practice receiving the gifts of the universe, whether abundance and wealth or joy, love and happiness.  Til the next time….



P.S. If you are stuck with either receiving the gifts of the universe or implementing any of the savings tips that we’ve been discussing over the weeks – call me, let’s talk and formulate a plan.  Schedule your call here!


Caregiver 101: 7 Tips for Acting Like a Pro!

The phone rings and your whole life changes. Suddenly, you are thrust into the role of being a caregiver for a loved one.  And you know NOTHING about what you need to do.

At some point in our life, we may be called upon to be a caregiver for a loved one.  It may be a short-term assignment or one of a longer duration.

How do you take care of a seriously ill loved one and not have the life sucked out of you?

Take these steps towards your Reinvention!

Get instant access to my FREE ebook "3 Steps to Reinvent You: Go From Stuck to Excited & Fulfilled"  Simply tell me where I should send it below.

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