Money Matters

Sheri here –

Minding your money today may seem a little harder than a year ago.  Everywhere there are talks of high inflation, high interest, and economic challenges.

Money matters if you don’t pay some attention.

Yes, your money matters and the fact is it doesn’t buy as much as it used to.  You may find you need to make some changes – especially in the non-essential spending area or even in that emotional spending category.

But with some proactive action there is to no need to feel that the sky is falling as the news likes to picture things.

Feeling Out of Control? Try This…

If you feel you have little control over anything, here are a few suggestions to help change that feeling:

  • Minimize the amount of news you listen to – this will help reduce some of the anxiety by not focusing on the negative.
  • Initiate (or continue) a gratitude practice – this is a daily list of 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for – generally different things daily. This helps keep you focused on the positive, the glass is half full, and helps counter the negativity you may hear.
  • Take some deep breathes, when you hear some financially related news that may be upsetting, and think of your gratitude list.
  • Keep a log of what you spend – sometimes seeing the facts of your spending in black and white can help you notice the non-essential, excessive spending or emotional spending. That can help you put things in perspective by giving you a true picture of how things fit in your income.
  • Consider helping someone else – this doesn’t need to be monetary help, although it could be, consider donating some of your time to a worthwhile venture performing acts of kindness. It could be at the local animal shelter, food bank, or to help a shut in by being a friendly face or ear for a a little bit.

None of these change the external environment, but they will change your internal environment and your mindset, bringing a little more ease and comfort.

Looking for Money Saving Tips?

If you are looking for some concrete suggestions to save money, you can try a couple of things from my free e-book – 101 Ways to Save Money, Simple Ways to Keep Money in Your Pocket.  Just follow the link here.  While 101 ways may seem like a lot, pick one or two and try them – they could not only save you money, but you might have some fun with them.

Until the next time – lighten up and have some fun!



When the Unexpected Happens

Sheri here –

In the last few months we’ve dealt with a lot of unexpected stuff. When the Universe gives you lemons, do you make lemonade or do you complain you got sour lemons? What is your response?

Ok, maybe lemonade isn’t your initial response, but do you eventually get there?

If you’re struggling with tolerance for when the unexpected happens, here’s a little lemonade recipe to help put things into perspective.

Back to the sour lemons… Recently, I had one of “those” days! One of those days, the unexpected happened! The dishwasher quit working, the furnace got red tagged and the cell phone got dropped in water.

Except for the dishwasher, the demise of these devices was somewhat expected. The furnace and my husband’s cell phone were living on borrowed time.

The furnace was over 40 years old. Even though we live in Southern California, in the past it was used for months at a time during cold weather.

The cell phone was old, sat on, dropped and generally just well used. It was still useful, sorta. But a burial in water may have been a bit extreme.

The dishwasher just quit–all the electronics stopped working. Fortunately, it was still under a service contract, so it was an easy fix for a knowledgeable professional who knew what they were doing.

Sure, these are problems of abundance. But when they all go kaput at the same time, within less than 24 hours, it is a bit overwhelming and very unexpected!

Yet within short order, solutions were in process for all of them. And I got a GREAT story out of it to boot!!

How Do You Handle the Unexpected?

Me–first, I get emotional (you can picture a mini-temper tantrum, right?). Then I roll my eyes upward to God and ask “Ok, now what” (a short prayer)? Finally, I spring into action.

What do you do? Do you know your “usual” response?

Seriously, though–getting into action (aka, making lemonade) is the key. It takes a bit of clear-headed thinking. And it can include: talking with someone else for perspective, asking for help (sometimes LOTS of help) and knowing your priorities!

Know Your Priorities

When the unexpected happens, you need to know your priorities!

Why priorities? Why are priorities important in this situation? Your Priorities Are Input into Your Decisions.

When you know your priorities, it helps answer the questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?

Who can help us? Who do you lean on… a trusted friend or family member, maybe even a colleague depending on the situation?

What are your choices? For instance, with my furnace, it needs to be replaced, but other information on my priority list influences that decision. For instance, how long do we plan to live here? A couple of years or “forever.” If we choose the latter, then we might want to look at also installing air conditioning–now or in the future. That influences the heating solution.

While all those questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) may not apply, they can drive other questions that create better solutions.

Sometimes when the unexpected happens to you–whether it’s mechanical failures, accidents, illnesses, job losses or the passing of loved ones, the answers aren’t always easy, and the time pressure may be intense.

What Are Your Priorities?

It’s important to know your priorities. Know where your faith, health, family, self-care and career/business rank on your list. Knowing those answers will support you in making decisions and in deciding who you can turn toward for help.

The same applies in your business or your career–knowing those must-do’s, your key activities will help sort out your action plan (the lemonade recipe) more swiftly. Those must-do’s may also determine how quickly you need to respond and whose help you need.

But you need your priorities in place long before the unexpected happens, long before the stuff hits the fan. Working them on the fly may not give you the best solution, and it will certainly cause you additional stress.

‘Til the next time…



P.S. If you need help setting your priorities or to reaffirm them in the current environment, use this link to set up a call with me. You don’t have to do this alone.

P.P.S. Sheri’s Pucker Up Lemonade
Ingrediants: water, sugar, lemon juice.
Make a simple syrup by first heating the water and sugar together the sugar is completely dissolved, then mix that with the lemon juice.

Start with the following proportions:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
¾ – 1 cup lemon juice (depending on how sweet or sour you like your lemonade)

Make the simple syrup, combine with lemon juice, then add more water (and ice) to dilute the lemonade to your liking.

Prep time: 10 minutes Yield: Serves 6

Pandemic, Politics, Blue Moons and Mercury in Retrograde

Sheri here –

Whew, so relieved that emotionally charged grand slam of a global pandemic, politics, blue moons, and Mercury in retrograde is subsiding. Sorta.

I don’t know about you, but I’m emotionally drained – tapped out, from those events.  In addition, COVID-19 continues its wave of fear and anxiety about loved ones who are sick or suffering with mental illness, increased reports of domestic violence and child abuse, along with isolation and loneliness.

While there is still more emotion lurking with the aftermath, the COVID-19 news and the holidays quickly approaching, now more than ever it is vital that you be gentle with yourself and others. Self-care couldn’t be more important than ever.

So exercise self-compassion, hold few expectations and be kind to yourself and others. No, I don’t think you’re a saint – merely a gentle soul who’s been battered by the times and needs a break! Even just a short one — how about a nap?

November is the Month of Thanksgiving

Only you can give you a break. Sure, you might need the support of others, but no one’s going to give you a break but you! Thus, the recommendations of self-care, compassion, gentleness and kindness.

Resist overindulging in food, drink or spending. Coping with stress and anxiety in healthy ways will help make you, the people you care about and your community stronger. You will thank yourself later!

Speaking of giving thanks, November is the month of Thanksgiving. Look around, there are many things for which to give thanks.

While this year’s holiday times may be different than in the past, you can find creative ways to connect with folks near and far. For example, you can schedule a virtual coffee date with a different friend each week, Facetime with family and friends all over the world, and network across different communities virtually via Zoom or Google Meet.

Be Kind Toward Yourself and Others

What creative things have you come up with so far?? Drop a comment below and share the ideas.

When you are out and about, share a friendly wave of hello as many times smiles are not visible behind masks. Be kind toward yourself and others – you never know what challenges people are dealing with.

While you may not be able to relieve their stress, you can avoid adding to it. Compassion for yourself and others plus regular self-care are regal companions to thankfulness.

Pamper yourself lavishly with kind thoughts and gentle deeds. Create an environment where you and others can find some relief from the high emotions of the last weeks and months.

A kind deed, a helping hand, a gracious heart can help some of the healing to begin. It starts with you… Live life in new ways with no regrets (share some of those new ways in the comments below).

‘Til the next time…


P.S. If you are feeling a bit down and would like something to change things – download my free eBook, “3 Steps to Reinvent You: Go from Stuck to Excited & Fulfilled.”

Take these steps towards your Reinvention!

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