Countin’ Blessings

Sheri Here,
This will be short. This week was filled with emotion, the result of doing life kinds of things.

A good friend of mine passed away at the end of January. This week was her memorial service. It was a well-attended by people from all aspects of her life: her church, work, and service communities. While I was very sad, the service was a gift, a way of coming to closure, a lot of tears and a few out right laughs.

She was a blessing in my life and will be missed. I’m grateful to have known her.

We can find gratitude in everyday things. It’s the best way, countin’ those blessings every day.

Hug tight those special ones in your life when ever you can. Tell your loved ones they are loved. Don’t pass up a single opportunity to show a random act of kindness. Smile at people – you don’t know what’s going on in their life. Be that great person you admire. Laugh out loud with friends and family. Then be amazed at what love, joy and happiness you have to count as blessings.

Until the next time …


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A Rose is A Rose is A Rose

A Rose is A Rose is a Rose

I live with an amazing rose garden. It is a gift from a couple of people – my mother and my husband. But not in the way you may think.

Every house I’ve lived in that became a home had a rose garden.

When I was growing up, my mother tended the rose bushes she’d planted around the house.  Sometimes she tended  to them carefully, pruned them, fertilized them, and cut the gorgeous blooms to bring inside.

Other times, when she was too sick to go outside, they would grow despite the neglect. …

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