We Will Never Forget

Sheri here –

Whenever I see the date September 11, my heart does a stutter. In that moment, I remember – I will never forget.

There are some events we will never forget.

Here it is 19 years later, and I still get stopped.  This is one of those dates in history, that you remember where you were and what you were doing.

One of those dates we remember forever.

Each of us has those dates and times.

Those dates that we never forget

Those are days that change the world or at least our personal world. 

Those are the days that time stands still, that we hold our breath and wonder. Wonder what is next.  Wonder how do we make sense of this? 

Slowly, things sort themselves out.  We grieve for the world that was and move on.

Hope and Opportunity

These are the times we seek comfort in our spiritual relationship with our God, Higher Power, the Universe.  The source we lean on for strength and clarity as we take the next indicated step.

As we reflect on an anniversary, can we use that reflection to instill hope and see the opportunity in our lives in a world once again changed?

As a species, we adapt.  We are survivors.  That is the hope.  See the opportunities.

Share your reflections, your hope, and your opportunities in the comments below.  Or send me an email at [email protected]