Gratitude – A Solution to Chaos

Sheri here –

I’m sorry. I owe you an apology. I haven’t kept you up to date, it’s been about 14 months since I’ve written to you. Like many people I know, things got crazy during the shutdown and the re-emergence. But there were endless things to be grateful for despite the chaos.

Sanctuary or Chaos

We were sheltering in place, in the sanctuary of our home. But then life intervened in the form of two major water leaks that required I pack up the downstairs of my home and put it into storage. That was packing up the living areas – what havoc. Then that was closely followed by a plumbing repipe which required huge holes to be cut in every area of the downstairs, new piping and then repatching and painting.

What a mess and it wasn’t all nicely contained to a couple of days. It was spread over several months of living in the pandemonium.

Then my husband got shingles and was hospitalized. While we were blessed with no covid for which I am endlessly grateful, I was overwhelmed and went into a deep depression after dealing with what seemed like one crisis after another.

Things did turn around.

Asking for Help 

I realized I needed to ask for help. Asking for help is not always easy (See “Ask for Help: A Sign of Strength”. While all of this was distressing, it was not life threatening and I realized I had a great deal to be grateful for.

Gratitude – A Solution

Gratitude, counting our blessings, is a frequent solution to the chaos in our lives. Counting blessings helps chase the darkness away. Gratitude allows us the space to see where there is good amongst the overwhelm.

We had a roof over our head, the time and the financial resources to deal with all the craziness. What I discovered is that I did not need to deal with this alone. Not only were there friends and family, my Higher Power, my God, was available to support me as I did the work that only I could do.

Things have turned around and as a dear friend reminded me, “Spring follows Winter, and the bleakness leads to buds and flowers.”

I see Spring in my rose garden in the back yard, that flowers beautifully, the garden smells delightfully.

The stories of rebuilding abound, not only my tale, but those of so many others I know, including small businesses that had to adapt to the Covid restrictions. Just look around, the renewal is like Spring, in another form. Then there is the kindness of others. Life is back in session.

One thing I did do while on sabbatical, I spent a lot of time writing, specifically writing a book (more to come in future notes); counting my blessings; and connecting with others over Zoom. Being grateful despite the chaos.

And how about you – how have you fared the last year or so. Leave a comment below and let me know.

If you find yourself in a downturn spot and are looking for some strategies to deal with life or to reinvent your life plans, give me a call here. I’ve got lots of fresh ideas

Til the next time…


P.S. Dreaming and revising our dreams are part of life – part of reinventing ourselves. Sometimes it is easier than other times. If you are looking for some insight and some suggestions, feel free to reach out and let’s talk. Book a call here.