Getting Results

Sheri Here,

How do you get results? For me the secret has been patience, persistence, and perseverance.


Patience with yourself and the process. Whatever you are working on has a process.

It could be a creative project, a meal, or a business deal. They all have processes. Recently, I was writing an article. I started without a clear idea of what I wanted the article to say.

Never a good start. I restarted it 3 times and did deep editing on each version.

This was all before I was satisfied with the topic and flow and then could follow the rest of the routine that has evolved for my writing. I even submitted it a week early!


What about persistence, that is the characteristic of not stopping.

No matter how discouraged you might be, no matter how dispirited or demoralized you might become, persist to the next indicated step.

Take one step at a time no matter what, even if it is a baby step. Soon those steps add up.

Just like my writing project – three tries were wearing; I didn’t want to do that. But one page at a time, it evolved, one draft at a time it was shaped into a piece I could be proud of.


Finally, perseverance: that process of doing it no matter what, no matter if you felt like it or not.

That you picked it up even when the siren song of some shiny object was calling you. I had to do that repeatedly.

The thought of reading that draft for the 30th time was not appealing but I’ve discovered that it could be that last draft when it all finally comes together.

Perseverance pays off.

How About You? 

When you’re done, you can look back, celebrate the completion! WooHoo and move on to the next thing. For me, that next thing is decluttering my house to get it ready to show to sell. OMG, speaking of a big job!What about you, what are you stuck in the middle of?

If you need some inspiration, reach out, hit reply or let’s talk, schedule here.

Talk soon!

If you’re in the groove, keep going, you’re doing great. Remember, occasionally you need to tell yourself that same thing!



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