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Sheri here –

Happy New Year!  I hope your holidays were all you wanted them to be and filled with love and joy.

At the risk of being one more email on the topic of your vision and goals for the year…if you haven’t reflect on your wins and challenges for last year, now would be a good time to do that.  Acknowledge and celebrate all your wins.  Look at the challenges and think about what you learned.  Close out last year and then you are free to focus on the New Year!

New Year’s Resolution – Not!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t work for me!  See my blog Resolutions – Not! Make Goals Instead!

What works best for me is to create a vision and then set quarterly goals to work toward that picture of my future – with that I truly can see for miles and miles!

Why create a vision or update it?

A vision lets you picture your future and align with both your dreams and your core values.

You might ask: “What is the difference between a vision and a goal?”  A goal is a milestone created to achieve your vision.  A vision is a dream with goals to make it real.  Goals create a foundation for your dreams to make them real with concrete action.

Quarterly Goal Setting

Setting quarterly goals gives you time to work on your goals with a focus – Follow One Course Until Successful.  At the end of the quarter, I review my progress toward my overall direction and then update my goals for another quarter.  Breaking them down into bite size pieces.

If you are uncertain how to craft solid, SMARTER goals – go to Making Change – SMARTER Goals for an explanation and guidance.


OK, maybe setting goals isn’t your jam – try making it a game – many people are inspired by “winning” a game – others are not.  Whether you are gamifying goals or not, rewarding and celebrating the completion of major milestones is important.  Making the celebration part of the goal gives you something additional to work toward.

Set the celebration to be consistent with the challenge of the accomplishment.

For example:

  • Losing weight to the point where clothes don’t fit – give away the old clothes to someone who can use them – and buy a new outfit. By giving away the old clothes you aren’t inclined to save them for “just in case” and the new outfit is a tangible reward of your progress.
  • Declutter your garage to where you can easily park your car inside – take yourself out to a dinner at your favorite restaurant. If it was a gnarly garage declutter, maybe a road trip for a couple of days is more appropriate and then come home and park inside the clean garage!  Now that’s a real celebration – the car in a clean garage!

Setting up the goal with the celebration, gives you that added incentive to be do what you say you are going to do.

Finishing a quarterly project, whether or not any one else acknowledges the accomplishment, you get to do it – not only for yourself, but for those who helped you do it.  If you finish your desired accomplishment mid-quarter, do the celebration then – it’s important to be close to the successful completion.  Yes, the completion of the goal is it’s own reward, but we deserve to celebrate our successes, we do far too little of it.

What about you?

Did you update your vision and set your goals and intentions for this year?  It’s not too late to do that.  Hit reply and let me know.

If you didn’t and you need some help, I put together a Vibrant Vision Guide and Journal you can get here.  It includes a meditation and a guidebook with journal and planner to help you visualize your dreams and go about achieve them.  Just go here.

OK…I’ve sent you exploring all over – blogs and visions guides, just a warmup for this year!!

To your wealth and health in 2023!



Now is the Time

Sheri here,

Now is the time to do it. What’s that you ask? Why create a holiday plan and budget.

Oh Boo – that’s ok…Boo fits with Halloween!

It’s October, Time for Holiday Planning

This is not the first October that I’ve discussed this topic. See my blog It’s October, the Start of the Holidays. But maybe you are like me and tend to forget from year to year how fast things go this time of year.

I’m convinced that the year is over when October hits – ‘cuz it moves so fast! I just did my fourth quarter plan and it included looking at my budget and calendar.

The biggest things I’m planning this holiday season includes a Book Launch Party, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas decorating light and Christmas dinner. Other years had much more in the calendar, but this year, that’s enough.

My blog It’s October, the Start of the Holidays, includes 5 holiday budget tips. I understand that word budget might have you breaking out in hives, but…it’s a solid idea that can save you a mint.

When you create a holiday budget, you can get realistic about what you choose to spend. Then it also says, if this is how much I choose to spend, then this is who I can spend it on.

For me, I told you my plans and the Book Launch Party has it own budget, so other than the grandkids, few others are getting a gift this year. That’s what’s realistic and to still have room for two feasts. The decorations, I’ve got already.

Let’s Not Skip Over Thanksgiving

Many times we tend to skip over Thanksgiving in the retail hype of getting to the December holidays. But Thanksgiving is special to me. It’s time to recognize that for which you are grateful and to gather family and friends, which implies a feast. A day dedicated to eating and football, how very special is that!

There are lots of options for these feasts – so your plan is important. Are you preparing it, if so are you making it from scratch, which does take more time but is both fun and yummy. Or are you outsourcing it and buying a meal-in-the-box with all the fixings? You don’t need to decide this minute – but give it some thought as you make your holiday plan and budget.

Halloween and Holiday Fun

By now you either have your Halloween decorations up or have a solid plan. Our plan is to savor our neighbor’s decorations. They do a great job and have several young children who enjoy the process. Our joy comes from their preparation, including their Halloween costumes.

The last few years, especially at Halloween, with no young kids and few trick or treaters, sharing the fun of others has been our major pleasure.

We can find delight in numerous ways during the next several months, we don’t need to be curmudgeons or rushed. Watching the joy of others and finding ways to add to it can help both your plan and your budget. You can find lots of low cost and low time commitment things to enhance what is already planned.

No matter what you do, find joy in the season.

How about you? Have you made your plans for the holiday season, hit reply and share!

Around town – My book, Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation is now available for sale on Amazon – you can buy it here – enjoy both the book and the season!

Have a blessed week!



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