What’s on Your Bucket List?

Sheri Here,

Spring is the season of new beginnings, a clean house and creative projects. Those fabulous projects from your bucket list.

How do you start that bucket list?

That list of things that you want to do – that your psyche craves doing.  Not that to do list of things that you have to do daily.

That creative list could be taking a class, a project around the house like painting or a vacation to an exotic or fun spot. Yes, it is verrrry different than a “to do” list.

That bucket list is a list of dreams that you have, some of them could have been on the list for a while, and that’s ok.

I’ve had “visit all seven continents” on my list for decades – it takes time to fulfill that kind of dream. They are certainly bigger than just today’s agenda; however, some tasks toward getting there could be on that to do list.  I’ve got renew my passport on mine.

But long before they can become today’s focus, they are a figment of our imagination.

Where does the bucket list come from?

Creating it requires giving ourselves space in the course of the day to free our mind from the daily tasks.  It could be in your meditation, walking or morning pages.  It might even be a thought as you are spring cleaning, such as getting a housekeeper to do your cleaning for you.

If you write morning pages, the three daily pages suggested by Julia Cameron in the Artist Way, maybe the thought popped onto the page larger than life.

If you are not currently giving yourself space to clear your mind for a time and maybe daydream or imagine a bit, it is time you do that.  Mental space for yourself doesn’t have to take long, you just need to do it. It will help save your sanity.

Have you ever created a vision board?

A vision board is a visual picture of some of the elements in your bucket list.  If you don’t have one and want to find out more about creating a personal vision – pop over to my blog I Can See for Miles – Visioning  to discover a little more.

A vision or a vision board could be another way of generating your bucket list.  No matter how you do it, it is an important tool to creating a future for yourself that pulls you forward.

Why do a bucket list?

When the days are filled with the activities of the must do to do list, you can look past it to a future that will move you through the tough or ho hum times.  We all need something to get through those “I don’t want to” times.

I’ve been working on my TEDx speech about how people spend more time planning their vacations than they spend planning their lives.  This activity has been an element on my bucket list.  It’s been work and daydreaming.  As I picture how it will be, I know I need to do the work to make it become reality.

That’s how a bucket list works: first a dream, then the action: persistence to make the dream real.  But without the vision, you don’t know where you are going, let alone where to start.

How’s Your Bucket List?

What about you?  How’s your bucket list, your vision, or the board with it posted in front of you?  Is it alive and well or is it a bit hazy, tattered, neglected or non-existent? Time to refresh it, take it out and dust it off or maybe create one.  You are never too old to have dreams.  If you have accomplished all of them, then it is time to replenish the supply!

Need help to prime the pump and get started?  Drop me a note by hitting reply or give me a call here.

‘til the next time.



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