Setting Boundaries

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Self Care

Holiday Madness!!  We are now in December – Yikes!!  Where has this year flown?

It has been quite the year.  Hopefully your year has been action packed and filled with grand adventures.

Sometimes, the adventure of getting through the week without anything going wrong or gone bang in the night is as good as it gets.  And that is pretty darn good.

And now, here we are in December, we’ve navigated Halloween and Thanksgiving in the manner that worked best of us (or didn’t).

The December Holidays and New Year’s are rapidly approaching.  And it will happen in a rush.

So how do we survive this time with the minimum of casualties, self-blame, sickness and downright disasters? …

Hermosa Beach Lifeguard Stand

Small Acts of Self Care

I had that Corporate Finance dream job.  I felt I was making a difference in my organization and that the work I was doing mattered.

But, I was on the road sometimes three out of every four weeks a month for at least four days a week.

I was beginning to feel as if my personal life was slipping away, on hold for my career and my personal happiness was on a downward spiral.

I said, ENOUGH.  I made a decision to start setting boundaries and to reclaim myself, …

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