What’s on Your Calendar?

Sheri Here,

When you get this, I’ll be on an airplane home from Hawaii, Kauai to be exact!

Recently, I had a girlfriend planning to go to Kauai for a month and she invited me to come visit for a week. I had nothing stopping me from saying, “Yes!”, and I did.

After all, why not, nothing holding me back, I had the time and the freedom to go.

While this trip wasn’t on my calendar for very long before I went, it was still something to look forward to during a difficult period in my life.

Something to Look Forward To

In my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, I talk about the role having something on our calendar can do for us.

How it is something to look forward to especially during periods of high stress.

While I can’t say my life is currently one of high stress, it is certainly a period of deep emotions and activities I’d rather avoid.

Having a week in Hawaii is just the thing I needed to look forward to.

Packing was easy, I didn’t need a great deal: shorts, T-shirts and a couple of bathing suits.

It worked out as an easy packing plan!

What About You?

What about you?

What have you got on your calendar?

Those fun things to help you navigate bumpy times. Those periods where life is stressful or filled with the “don’t wanna’s?”

If nothing at the moment, take a few minutes and daydream about what the perfect vacation would be.

What destination is on your bucket list?

Which one’s time has come?

Maybe it is a summer camping trip, or a week at a destination resort, or a European vacation.

Add Structure to Your Daydream 

Take the daydream and put a little structure to it.

How can you fit the time in, who do you want to go with, how much is your budget, and voile, it’s planned!

That’s all it takes are these big details to start. The small ones about where you stay, what hotel, which restaurant, what excursion, etc., will follow as well as what to pack.

It’s easy to plan to go and now you are set up with a foil for the doldrums when life is too much in season.

When that happens, take a moment or two and think of the time you’ve set aside to put that stuff on the backburner and live out your dreams.

That brief minute of daydreaming will change your attitude for certain and make it easier to resume the today stuff.

If you’re having a challenge getting to the daydreaming, schedule a call here! Let’s talk about it.

Until the next time.



P.S. If you have a dream and you need a dream fulfillment mentor, book a call here and let’s explore a new way of living into your dreams.

Done is Better than Perfect

Sheri Here,

You may have a vision, a life bucket list, but where are you on actually getting something done?  Even a small step?

What Is Your Plan? (header)
We’ve talked about taking the next indicated step (See “The Next Indicated Step”), but it may have yielded very poor results – that’s ok, you took a step.

Or it may have gotten you further than you’ve ever gone before – woohoo!

It might be time to come up with a full blown plan to do something.

Planning doesn’t need to be hard or boring – it could start with the number 1 item that you are dreaming about.

Now it is time to put together a list of what’s wanted and needed.

Create An Outline

You could sit down with a piece of paper and create an outline – like this one for moving to a new house (not yet bought and old house not yet sold)

  • Old house
    • Getting Ready to Sell
      • Declutter – sell, give away, trash
      • Paint
      • Clean Floors
      • Fix broken things – e.g. leak in the sink
      • Clean the whole house
      • Start packing infrequently used items to open up the space to look uncluttered and spacious.
    • List House
      • Contact desired realtor
      • Set value of old house
      • List house
    • Sell House
    • Move
      • Finish packing
      • Hire movers
      • Move
    • New House
      • Get financial information ready for mortgage broker
        • Clean up credit if necessary
      • Talk to mortgage broker to see how much of a loan you can afford
      • Begin search with established budget in mind
        • Contact your realtor for possible listings
        • Peruse Zillow and other internet services
      • Decide what you can afford and what is available at that price to see if it interesting enough to finish process
      • Buy house (coordinate with sale of old house)
      • Move in

Steps In The Process

You can see there are a number of steps that will take time and a number of places in the plan that you may decide the timing or supply of available houses is poor.

Possibly the amount you can afford is less than the house you want. You can then discontinue the process or put it on hold.

This is a simplistic example of a complicated process, but hopefully you get the idea.  Who knows, you may experience no barriers and you have moved into a new house!

Just brainstorm the steps for the goal that you want to work on and take them in the appropriate order.

How About You?

What project do you want to undertake?  What project are you doing a simple outline on? How can you complete it?  Need help?  Leave a comment or schedule a call here and we can work out a plan together!

‘til the next time.



P.S. If you want to talk – schedule a call here.

The Next Indicated Step

Sheri Here,

Choosing the next indicated step – all too often we have so many things to choose from that just leave us confused, spinning and overwhelmed.

How do you choose what’s next?

Often there is a clear path to our objective if we listen carefully to our heart, intuition, or inner self.

Maybe there is a clear path and it’s easy – just take the first step.  Sometimes it’s not easy.  Sometimes the options are limited, and we are stuck with one or two choices.

So, what is the next indicated step in that circumstance?

Stop and look at your primary objective…

And decide what will move the objective the quickest or logically the next step.

That is where you go! Simple, eh? Choosing the step might be simple or hard and so might the action.

The action itself might take tenacity to perform – just go for it! Screw up your courage and move one step, one small step for you.

It will change your life.

Sometimes we are stopped from taking the step…

And then we berate ourselves for being wimps or cowards.  We lose faith in ourselves.

This is the time for self-compassion.  To be loving and kind to our sensitive self.  To give ourselves permission to be human.

Take a step back and consider an alternative that is palatable to reduce that sense of procrastination and inaction. A little step, another little step and another add up over time.

Slow and steady wins the race.  Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare!

If you are still stuck, hit reply, and fill me in or schedule a call here.

‘til the next time.



So You Have A Bucket List

Sheri Here,

The last newsletter/blog, What’s on Your Bucket List?, was all about creating a bucket list, so now what? It’s time to take action!

Choose Something From Your Bucket List 

The next step is to identify something and do the next indicated step.

I’ve got three things I want to work on:

  • My companion workbook to my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation
  • A trip to Antarctica
  • Preparing to give my April 29thTEDx talk.

Identify the Next Indicated Action

Choosing one of the three things is hard for me but, I can alternate time on the tasks.

My next actions are doing some writing on the workbook content, downloading a passport renewal application, and practicing my TEDx speech.

Each of these are relatively easy steps to do.

In writing the workbook, I have done an outline of the content and I have a format.  When I approach the “blank” page, I already have a writing prompt, so it makes it easier to get started writing.  The creative flow then takes over.

The passport download is easy pesy, because I just go to the application site to get it and then fill it in!

Finally, the TEDx speech is standing in front of the mirror and practicing some more.  I’ve been working on memorizing this for a while and it is getting to where the words, without the script, just flow. But it has taken practice to get to this point!

None of the actions are hard, they are small enough to make the bigger project approachable.


The toughest thing might be just doing it.

What I’ve discovered is that the best way to do it, is to set up time on my calendar so I can work on what needs to be done.  Make an appointment with myself.  If I have a block of time, even an hour, I’ll break it up into 25-minute increments, setting a timer.

I can do almost anything for 25 minutes – including decluttering. Then take a short 5-minute break and do it again.

This is called the Pomodoro Method. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, why it’s called Pomodoro Method, I don’t know; but the method works, and you can easily remember the name because it is different. I use this routine often when I’m writing to stay focused.

How About You? (header)

Did you create your bucket list, update an old one or procrastinate in making you a priority?

If you are procrastinating and need a boost, contact me – either hit reply or set up a call here. It’s time to make you a priority!

‘til the next time.



P.S. You can get my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here.

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Sheri Here,

Spring is the season of new beginnings, a clean house and creative projects. Those fabulous projects from your bucket list.

How do you start that bucket list?

That list of things that you want to do – that your psyche craves doing.  Not that to do list of things that you have to do daily.

That creative list could be taking a class, a project around the house like painting or a vacation to an exotic or fun spot. Yes, it is verrrry different than a “to do” list.

That bucket list is a list of dreams that you have, some of them could have been on the list for a while, and that’s ok.

I’ve had “visit all seven continents” on my list for decades – it takes time to fulfill that kind of dream. They are certainly bigger than just today’s agenda; however, some tasks toward getting there could be on that to do list.  I’ve got renew my passport on mine.

But long before they can become today’s focus, they are a figment of our imagination.

Where does the bucket list come from?

Creating it requires giving ourselves space in the course of the day to free our mind from the daily tasks.  It could be in your meditation, walking or morning pages.  It might even be a thought as you are spring cleaning, such as getting a housekeeper to do your cleaning for you.

If you write morning pages, the three daily pages suggested by Julia Cameron in the Artist Way, maybe the thought popped onto the page larger than life.

If you are not currently giving yourself space to clear your mind for a time and maybe daydream or imagine a bit, it is time you do that.  Mental space for yourself doesn’t have to take long, you just need to do it. It will help save your sanity.

Have you ever created a vision board?

A vision board is a visual picture of some of the elements in your bucket list.  If you don’t have one and want to find out more about creating a personal vision – pop over to my blog I Can See for Miles – Visioning  to discover a little more.

A vision or a vision board could be another way of generating your bucket list.  No matter how you do it, it is an important tool to creating a future for yourself that pulls you forward.

Why do a bucket list?

When the days are filled with the activities of the must do to do list, you can look past it to a future that will move you through the tough or ho hum times.  We all need something to get through those “I don’t want to” times.

I’ve been working on my TEDx speech about how people spend more time planning their vacations than they spend planning their lives.  This activity has been an element on my bucket list.  It’s been work and daydreaming.  As I picture how it will be, I know I need to do the work to make it become reality.

That’s how a bucket list works: first a dream, then the action: persistence to make the dream real.  But without the vision, you don’t know where you are going, let alone where to start.

How’s Your Bucket List?

What about you?  How’s your bucket list, your vision, or the board with it posted in front of you?  Is it alive and well or is it a bit hazy, tattered, neglected or non-existent? Time to refresh it, take it out and dust it off or maybe create one.  You are never too old to have dreams.  If you have accomplished all of them, then it is time to replenish the supply!

Need help to prime the pump and get started?  Drop me a note by hitting reply or give me a call here.

‘til the next time.



P.S. You can get my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here.

Take Contrary Action

Sheri Here –

What? Are you kidding me?  Last blog I talked about taking the next indicated step – see Take the Next Indicated Action – now I’m saying take contrary action.

You want me to make up my mind and get my story straight?

Ah, but the two work hand in hand.  How do I explain that exactly?

Contrary Action

Well sometimes, my brain says NO when I need to say YES, or STOP when I need to say GO.  All too often, I’ll find myself in paralysis because I don’t want to do what I know I really, really, really need to do.

For instance, I’ve been doing my best to eat more healthy, maybe you can relate.  But the  cookies are calling my name.  When I start to get a desire to have something, I can reach for a piece of fruit instead of the cookies.

Not having cookies in the house would be best, but I’m not the only one who lives here.  I know I can take the contrary action to not pick up the cookies.

I’m also looking to do some public speaking gigs to promote my book and my business; but my mind says STOP, I’m afraid to do public speaking and my heart says YES, I love it.  It’s not easy, I’ve got to take the contrary action route which also includes doing the next indicated step, like writing and practicing my speech!

Why Does Contrary Action Matter?

What difference does it make?  When I’m trying to reach a goal, many things can get in my way – mostly what’s between my two ears.  I can be stopped by procrastination – that was last week’s trick – or self sabotage.  That’s when taking the contrary action is important, that IS the next indicated step!

I bet I’m not the only one who is out there with these crazy thoughts in my head.  Sometimes having others acknowledge they too have the same thinking gives you the courage to go take the next indicated action even though your fear says NO.  Your stepping out and doing it any way is what’s important.

Leave a comment and tell me your most recent instance of not letting the fear or procrastination or self-sabotage stop you.  If you’d prefer to chat, go ahead and book a call here  and let’s talk.

‘til the next time.



P.S. Taking contrary action takes courage.  Feel free to place a call and find an accountability buddy.  Book a call here.

Intentions – Friend or Foe

Sheri Here –

Good intentions pave the road to he**”, or so Mom used to say. My brain always shorted out and went into overload when I tried to figure that out.

I think what she really meant was intentions without action never happen and become your foe. You may as well be making a wish. Intentions need action to be your friend.

Intentions Work Anywhere

My yoga instructor always starts our session by setting our intentions for the practice: our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual purpose for that hour.

I appreciate the reminder that there can be multiple facets to a single intentions and one set of actions can cover many bases.

At the end of our yoga session, I like to be reminded of the intentions I set and almost without fail that hour of focused action accomplishes my previously stated goals. Generally, with my yoga, I want to relax, let go, feel strong and connected to my higher power. Remarkable because that happens. Here the act of choosing an objective helped me achieve it.

The same holds true when I start my day, intentions are my friend, when I remember to set them early in the day or when planning my day, the night before. My day’s actions will support fulfilling my stated goals. While my day’s intentions may not be completely fulfilled, I’ve gone a long way toward the finish line.

Intentions, Friend or Foe?

Why does it matter, well Mom would say something profoundly cryptic and I’d go off the rails trying to figure it out. But I believe without a plan, a purpose, or a goal, I wind up wasting time and energy and heaven knows, I have too little of both to waste. So then my intentions become my friend. But when I neglect to either put action to my plan or worse, I am rudderless and have no direction, an intention won’t help and becomes my foe.

Even if you are on vacation or retired, you can set an intention or two – have a blessed day, a day of service, a relaxing and fulfilling day and then you can set about making it happen. Naps count in that case!

If you are still working, setting an intention or two supports you in working toward a project completion, a sales goal, writing X number of words, or starting or finishing a creative project.

What about you? Do you have plans you want to achieve? Do you have actions you need to take to make that plan happen, but you aren’t making the progress you desire? Or are you rudderless and need some help?

In either case, we need to talk and maybe I can help, either hit return or call me here.

My current intention is to focus on moving my book through the current phase of editing. If you’ve ever written a book, you know it’s more than just slapping words on a page and printing! This is a journey, despite the desired destination of publication. Along this adventure there are milestones to be accomplished. So, I’m off to go work on editing comments!

Talk soon and til the next time…


P.S. Setting goals are part of what makes our dreams a reality. Sometimes though, it is easier said than done. If you are struggling with accomplishing those goals, feel free to reach out and let’s talk. Book a call here.

The Key to Abundance

The Key to Abundance

Sheri here –

What has graciously receiving gifts got to do with abundance, you may ask?

Why it has everything to do with it.

In the past, I’ve discussed both Receiving (see blog post here) and Giving (see blog post here) and how it is part of the cycle of abundance. With abundance comes gratitude, and gratitude brings abundance. Giving and receiving don’t easily exist without the other and neither do gratitude and abundance.

Abundance is Receiving

Here we are, once again, in the season known for giving. Even though things are different this time of year than they normally are, it is still typically when people are looking for gifts. But, let me ask you – how easily do you accept a gift? How gracious are you?

Somewhere, many of us learned that it is better to give than to receive. Yet, if we don’t become gracious about receiving – either compliments, gifts, money, promotions, or other blessings, we rob ourselves of a piece of the abundance cycle.

After all, abundance is receiving the gifts of the Universe!

Learning how to receive is just as important as learning how to give.  By not being able to gracious receive gifts from others you are robbing their joy in giving and could stop the flow of abundance from the Universe.

When you graciously accept gifts from others, you can recognize and graciously accept gifts from the Universe. The Universe gives you many opportunities to fulfill your requests, you need only recognize them. Recognizing those gifts and blessings takes practice.

Receiving graciously from another is practice for gracious receiving from the Universe.  So giving and receiving are closely related.  It is the balance of both that opens the door to true fulfilment and abundance.

With abundance comes gratitude, which in turn creates more abundance. Abundance and gratitude are intimately connected.

Graciously Receiving Help

Some of those gifts may require asking and receiving help (see more about that conversation in this blog post here) to be able to fully enjoy! Asking and receiving help is also part of how the Universe helps us fulfill our vision and our mission.

Who knew that graciously receiving a gift would lead us to abundance, gratitude and tools to further fulfill our vision!

May your life be filled with blessings.



Without Vision

Without Vision, Businesses Perish

Sheri here – 

Where there is no vision, people perish – Proverbs 29:18.

You may ask, why should I care if I have no vision – what difference does that make?

If you look at your life, when you leave your house, you usually have a destination. While you might you use an app to help get you there, you are clear on where you’re going. ⁠ 

A vision certainly helps to get you there, sooner than later.

A Vision Gives Us Direction

Without an idea of where you are going, any road will get you there, you will wander aimlessly and endlessly – wasting a piece of your life.  Does that matter to you?  If it doesn’t, then vision isn’t important.

That vision is what facilitates you fulfilling your life purpose, your destiny. There is so much you have to offer when you follow your life purpose, your why – your vision.

When you are clear on where you are going, you wind up there – sooner or later!⁠  If you are willing, I’d love to hear what your vision looks like.  Swing by the Facebook Group “Money Talks with Sheri” , and leave a note or comment.  If you’d like to share; but prefer to keep it more private, leave a comment below. 

Businesses Need Visions, too!

When you have a vision for your business it does similar things: it gives you your business direction.

That destination could be the size of your profits, the type of products, the people you are working with, the lifestyle you can create, the projects that you can help. 

The list is endless and as individual as you and your business.

Once you have a destination, you can create a plan, a roadmap to get there.  Then it becomes a matter of working the plan.

Periodically after you create your plan, you will want to stop, check your progress and do a course correction, if necessary, to assure that you are on track to get to your destination, to your vision.⁠

Review Your Vision When Circumstances Change

Given the “reset” that we have been given, this is a prime time to stop and assure that you have a clear vision of where you want to go.

Maybe, you already have one and it needs a few tweaks.⁠

Maybe, you need to craft a new vision because circumstances have so changed the environment that your vision is out of date.⁠

Maybe, you don’t have a vision and need to craft one.⁠

No matter the situation, if you need help in understanding the why of revisiting, updating or creating a vision, then reach out.⁠ Ask for help – book a call using this link.

Til the next time, 

Ciao and hugs,


P.S. If you haven’t joined the Facebook Group, Money Talks with Sheri, just hit this link, and join now!  

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