The Next Indicated Step

Sheri Here,

Choosing the next indicated step – all too often we have so many things to choose from that just leave us confused, spinning and overwhelmed.

How do you choose what’s next?

Often there is a clear path to our objective if we listen carefully to our heart, intuition, or inner self.

Maybe there is a clear path and it’s easy – just take the first step.  Sometimes it’s not easy.  Sometimes the options are limited, and we are stuck with one or two choices.

So, what is the next indicated step in that circumstance?

Stop and look at your primary objective…

And decide what will move the objective the quickest or logically the next step.

That is where you go! Simple, eh? Choosing the step might be simple or hard and so might the action.

The action itself might take tenacity to perform – just go for it! Screw up your courage and move one step, one small step for you.

It will change your life.

Sometimes we are stopped from taking the step…

And then we berate ourselves for being wimps or cowards.  We lose faith in ourselves.

This is the time for self-compassion.  To be loving and kind to our sensitive self.  To give ourselves permission to be human.

Take a step back and consider an alternative that is palatable to reduce that sense of procrastination and inaction. A little step, another little step and another add up over time.

Slow and steady wins the race.  Remember the fable about the tortoise and the hare!

If you are still stuck, hit reply, and fill me in or schedule a call here.

‘til the next time.



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