This Was Unexpected

This Was Unexpected…

Sheri Here,

My husband of 23 years died a couple of weeks ago, after being in the hospital for almost two weeks. He had been the subject of endless tests which showed nothing but “normal” for a man his age – poppycock. He had been in steadily declining health for the last several years and he has relief from his suffering.

Notes of Condolences

I have received countless notes of condolences and they really have helped. Especially those with a brief story or two about what they loved about George or about how he impacted their life.

Those heartfelt lines have given me back pieces of the man I loved long before his illness started to change him. Those notes are precious and mean the world to me.

Your Experience

How about you?

Have you ever had to write a quick note to someone’s survivor about a person who left us?

Do you include a note or are you baffled about what to say?

What to Say

A heartfelt comment about the deceased can have more of a positive impact than you may know.

Be sincere, be real, and share from the heart.

In the meantime, may you have a blessed day and hug your loved ones hard – if not for you, do it as a favor to me.



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