Trading Money for Time

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We hear a lot about trading time for money, but let’s talk about trading money for time!

The first subject, trading time for money, is generally about going to work for someone for a paycheck. 

Some of you work or have worked for a paycheck and may still be doing that.  Others have left (or never started) and are in business for yourself – as an entrepreneur or retired, living your dream life.  

You have more freedom in where and how you earn your money, but make no mistake, being an entrepreneur is work! 

Trade Money for Your Time

When you trade your money for your time –  you hire out a task.  You could hire out a task in your home or businessYou are not doing it, someone else is.  

You are then FREE to focus on something that brings you pleasure or to focus on that task only you can do.  

There is more to making your money work for you than paying off debt, saving it, or building a retirement fund – it is getting you time back.   Time to work your business and earn more than you would pay someone to do that delegable task or time to enjoy some “you” time.

The added bonus?!  You are employing someone – paying them money so they can further their personal financial picture.  This is a win-win, yes?

A couple of quick examples that come to mind: having someone clean your house, do your gardening or do your grocery shopping.  Yes, you pay and maybe pay a little extra than if you did it; but you have your time available to spend as you choose.

The Possibilities are Endless!

I recently traded money for time with a flu shot.  

For some reason, I COULD not find a place I could get the flu shot for free or under my insurance unless I went to my Doctor or I paid for it.

I didn’t like those choices; however, after going to three drug stores to get the same answer, I thought, I’ll just go to my Doctor.  

Well, that was a pain!  By the time I finally made an appointment with the Doctor’s office, I’d spent another 20 minutes.

That appointment was going to be a week away and then I’d have to go to the office, wait and drive home.  Probably another 2 hours of my time to get that done.

I felt I had spent enough time chasing after getting a flu shot.  I decided I’d just pay the fee.  

And I was happy to pay for it. Those 2 hours became mine, available for me to use for what was important to me, even if it was a nap!

Where in your life are you sub-optimizing your time?  Where can you find someone to do it for you, so you can focus on a higher value (to you) task?

In the comments below post your ideas on what tasks you can delegate to others.  And then what you would do with the time you bought back!



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