Your Daily Routine Matters

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How can you be more productive?  Put more in your day?  Have you tried using daily routines or habits to set yourself up for success? To help you get more done, improve your attitude, be healthier, or look your best?

Time is a scare, nonrenewable resource.  Daily routines help you make the most of this valuable resource.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Daily routines and rituals let you choose how you start and end your day to set yourself up for success.

Over the years I’ve developed certain daily routines.  Some of them have become so routine, they are programmed into my subconscious.  Things like brush my teeth, wash my face, take a shower, put on my makeup and grab something to eat before I start my day.  Maybe you do the same thing.

Some of these routines and habits work for me and others not so much.

When I reflect on how I want my day to go, I’ve realized that since I began to spend a few minutes in prayer and meditation first thing in the morning, checking in with my God, that my attitude is better.  Now I didn’t just dream up this daily practice – I heard someone else talk about how they did it and how their day was better.

Then I tried it several times and noticed the tone of my day seemed to be better and the only thing different was intentionally spending time with my spiritual source.

There are evening routines – dinner, clean up and preparation for the next day.

It might start with planning your day the night before – making certain that you have everything planned and set out so you can dress, grab and go in the morning and you know what your schedule looks like.

Those routines and habits – the ones that help us get ready for the day could have been consciously or unconsciously put into place over time.  Are you always running late?  That’s where planning the evening before sets you up for a successful day.

Making Changes to Routines

What about other tweaks to daily routines  – where do we find suggestions?

There are articles about the habits of successful people, and I bet you’ve seen them too.  Maybe you wanted their level of success; but resisted doing some of the things that they have done.

Or talk with some of your successful, productive friends about their routines for additional ideas to enhance your personal productivity.

Maybe you could try one or two of those routines – not all of them at once, but maybe adding one thing until it becomes comfortable.  Then add another.

Success requires an intention and action, starting with the routines and habits to support it.

How about you?  Do you have favorite daily routines and habits that help you be more productive – more of the person that you want to be? Share in the comments below your favorites.



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