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Blue Footed Boopies
You want to try something new and different; but, you find yourself hesitating to move forward. Will you stay safe or go outside your comfort zone?
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The Fiery Dragon of Fear
When fear has you in its grip, try a conversation with your higher source, your God and then ask a knowledgeable person for help!
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A Rose is A Rose is A Rose
Letting go is a ritual of passage. No matter whether it is an activity or a loved one, it takes desire, focus and time.
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Hermosa Beach Lifeguard Stand
We beat ourselves up for not taking care of ourselves;. Yet, when we stop and relook at what we are doing, we discover we are doing a great deal of self care daily!
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Sunset Abroad
Celebrate Success: big ones and small ones. It is a thank you to the Universe for the blessings we have. Another form of Gratitude. And the more we express our gratitude, the more we have for which to be grateful.
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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Hear how ten women didn't let their messy life situations keep them down. They will share their stories, their paths, their tools and their lives as they are today.
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A Coat Alternative
I left my coat on the plane on my way to Austria in the middle of winter. As you may know: 1) Austria is known for its amazing skiing, 2) skiing takes place on snow, and 3) snow is cold (duh!).  And I had no coat. Brrrr. It was right after Christmas and my girlfriend …

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Florence Duomo at Dusk
I recently returned from a three-week trip to Europe. And I had the best time!  I started in Florence, Italy and, after a few days, went to Rome to catch a ship for an amazing fifteen-night Mediterranean and Transatlantic cruise. While this was not my first trip to Florence nor my first cruise, it was …

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My girlfriend Judith and I were on Vacation in New Orleans and we were eating lunch at The Court of Two Sisters. I looked up and saw this older woman who was wearing denim capris and her stockings were rolled down around her ankle with her comfy walking shoes.  I could not believe she had …

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