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A Coat Alternative
I left my coat on the plane on my way to Austria in the middle of winter. As you may know: 1) Austria is known for its amazing skiing, 2) skiing takes place on snow, and 3) snow is cold (duh!).  And I had no coat. Brrrr. It was right after Christmas and my girlfriend …

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Florence Duomo at Dusk
I recently returned from a three-week trip to Europe. And I had the best time!  I started in Florence, Italy and, after a few days, went to Rome to catch a ship for an amazing fifteen-night Mediterranean and Transatlantic cruise. While this was not my first trip to Florence nor my first cruise, it was …

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My girlfriend Judith and I were on Vacation in New Orleans and we were eating lunch at The Court of Two Sisters. I looked up and saw this older woman who was wearing denim capris and her stockings were rolled down around her ankle with her comfy walking shoes.  I could not believe she had …

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