Have You Read This Holiday-inspired Life-Lesson Page-turner?

True riveting experiences from a world traveler who finds mystery, bargaining tactics, and sometimes less than quality accommodations in countries you’d expect better.

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Authored by Sheri C. Berke


Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation is a treasury of life lessons shared from one woman’s perspective.

The author, Sheri Berke, is a successful and adventurous woman who shares her lifelong love of travel, her experiences, and lessons along the way. But it is more than just a wide range of stories about travel experiences. It is an inspirational book about a lifetime of travel, trials, and triumphs.

The best parts are the insights and summaries of tips at the end of each chapter. These tips range from the pragmatic and practical to those about self-knowledge and personal accountability. Travel tips and advice, along with personal stories, are told with honesty and heart. Some stories are amusing, but others include a real struggle with dealing with people and situations along the way.

This book will give you practical solutions to real problems, some related only to travel, others to everyday life, and many about building relationships in general. There is something for everyone.

Sheri Berke is a personal and business reinvention strategist, and accomplishment guide for women professionals and entrepreneurs struggling to find satisfaction and happiness in their current situations. Berke is from Redondo Beach, California

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