Building a Support Network

Sheri Here,

My draft of my next book – the workbook companion to Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, is complete and out with my Beta readers.

Thank you, ladies, you don’t know how much I value your help and your viewpoints. Your input helps shape the final result.

Thankful for Support

There are so many people and their kindnesses that I’m thankful for, especially now in these days after my husband’s passing.

I’ve been working on his Celebration of Life and am putting together a lovely memorial with the help from many others; especially, the hand holding.

I have come to appreciate the strength of my support groups because of all their love, support, and help. I can’t imagine doing this alone.

Even just yesterday, as we were putting photos together for the picture collage, I had several girlfriends working with me.

Living a Rich Life

The journey of George from birth through a rich full life was filled with people over the years who made a difference in his life.

He was surrounded by people doing things: golf, triathlons, celebrating birthdays and holidays like the one just past. A life well lived.

How do we do that?

Part of it’s finding like minded people, building relationships over time, saying yes to invitations to do things, putting ourselves out there, stretching our comfort zone.

How About You?

How about you?

Do you have a rich full life or are there empty corners that need filling?

Step outside your comfort zone and embrace something new. Something that might entail new people and new things to do.

Then take pictures of the fun times, give a party, a small gathering, say, “yes” to invitations, and see how you can contribute.

Slowly, one day at a time, you’ll build a network of people, fun, support, and wonderful memories. It starts with one small step.

If you’re having trouble getting started, let us chat – schedule a call here!

Until the next time.



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