Hi, it’s been awhile since I published a blog.  Life and business have been busy and full.  In fact, the last blog you received was on my prior website.  If you haven’t checked out my new site, including the update pics, please do so here.

Many of you know me as the reinvention guide and coach focusing on supporting women during transitions and changes especially after significant, gut-wrenching loss.

But….what keeps coming up in my conversions with my clients and business acquaintances  is that M word.

No, not marriage, but MONEY.

I cannot tell you how many women have confided in me that a money conversation brings up fear – deep fear.

And these are women who make good money: entrepreneurs, professional managers in the Corporate world or high paid professionals such as attorneys, accountants or realtors. 

These women deal with and have dealt with deals that have lots of zeros.  Yet, they are still uncomfortable when that subject comes up, especially when it is about their own personal finances.

Oh – you are one of them too?  Not to worry, I got your back!

Shifting Focus

I’m shifting my focus slightly, yup, still going to help you reinvent yourself, but I’m place more emphasis on the money piece – especially the piece about getting out of and staying out of debt and creating a prosperous life!

How does that sound?  Give me a high five if this is a breath of fresh air for you.

I’m publishing an ebook called “101 Ways to Save Money”.  And you can get it right here!

Saving Money

Just to get you started with some of the ideas in the eBook here is the a real juicy one:

Pay for you purchases in CASH.  Yes, that green paper stuff.  If you haven’t got the cash don’t buy it.  Simple.  That saves you a lot. 

Ok, if that is too extreme, and you aren’t yet ready to give up the plastic, then use your debit card – the one that is just like cash. 

How Does This Save You Money?

How does this save you money you ask? 

You don’t have to keep paying for this purchase, you don’t have to pay interest on it, as you pay down your credit card balance.  It is done and paid for.

And maybe, you really didn’t need it or want it and you saved yourself even more.

Got you do think twice before you impulsively pulled out the credit cards, especially, if it was on sale or you were in the midst of a retail therapy binge.

If you are planning to buy something on your credit card think about:

  • You will eventually need to pay it off with real money;
  • You will increase your credit card balance to get it, plus interest – was it worth that?
  • Do you really need it?

Buying to Fell Better

Maybe it was some of that buying you were doing to make you feel better – to fill the hole in your gut, because something came up you didn’t want to deal with… Maybe it is time to deal with the real issue and not smother it in purchases…

Just saying.  If you need to talk about it, use this link, and book some time with me and we’ll chat about different strategies here.
You don’t need to go it alone – I’ve been there and KNOW what it’s like.

Leave a comment and let me know how things are going…until the next time


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