Daily Routines

Sheri Here,

You’ve got daily routines and rituals, so do I, even when I travel, I use them.

But what about the morning you shut off the alarm and go back to sleep, throwing the routines in the trash. Ok, well – now what?

Old Routines

Is there a new sense of freedom? A sense of seeing the world differently or are you uncomfortable because the routine was ignored and you don’t know what to do next!

This morning I did just that, slept in on a weekday, read in bed, got up later (no cracker crumbs thank you), and fixed myself breakfast. Something other than a protein shake. How delicious, how delightful!

OK! So now what? I get to pick and choose and decide if the morning routines and rituals support my life today.

Exciting New Habits

What delightful pondering. Yes, a number of those routines are still important. But all of them? Maybe not, maybe I need to change things up and add a new one or two. Or subtract one or two, they are habits, but are they still important. But which ones?

In this new phase of my life, this singleness, do the old rituals still serve me? Good question, one to think about.

The inspiration to write is still there, which is a delight as writing is a joy in my life. Which rituals, routines, and habits go and which ones stay?

They all start with conscious thought, the brush your teeth, take a shower, and then you make the routine efficient. Gradually we add things, reading meditative literature, doing prayer, meditation, journaling, a gratitude list.

Because it makes us feel better. A spiritual reconnect ritual that strengthens our connection with our higher power, our God, or a ritual that pumps us up, and prepares us for our productive day. All of these are good and every now and again we need to re-evaluate their value.

How About You?

How about you?

Do you ever find yourself wondering… wondering if the old structures are still important, valuable?

Is it time for you to look at them or is it time to put something in place to better manage that important task called your life.

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