Research is Another Form of “Squirrel”

Sheri Here,

How do you make searching for things fun and easy?

When you are searching…

Have you ever “lost” your phone in your house and then spent hours looking for it?

Maybe you got distracted (squirrel) by many things: deciding now was a good time to declutter the junk drawer, clean out your sock drawer, or realized the living room needed dusting?

And you still didn’t find it – drat.  You tried to call your phone but realized it was on mute and the “Find Your Phone” feature wasn’t turned on.  Frustrated!

So you start over again looking.  Now the sock drawer is tidy and the junk drawer is decluttered and the living room dusted! Argh, where is it?

Then you finally find it on top of the washing machine – how’d it get there?

When you are researching…

We are so blessed today because we have numerous search engines: Google, Bing, YouTube, to name a few.  Collectively, I call them Google. You can find practically anything and with AI, like ChatGPT, you can ask questions and get answers easily.

Of course, if you have to document your sources, relying solely on ChatGPT might be a challenge unless you ask for a source – duh!

You are limited by your imagination.  I remember when our information sources were the encyclopedia, the library and the periodical directory.  You also had to have a really good subject definition to easily find information.

Ah, those were not the good ol’ days!

But sometimes my Google searches are like looking for my phone – I get distracted (squirrel) and go down the rabbit hole until I remember what I was doing.

There is so much good stuff out there in the cyberverse to know about.  All those fun facts that I might not need to know about, but get really distracted by.  Some of my searches take twice as long as they need to.

It’s closely related to Shiny Object syndrome or the game of Squirrel.  If you don’t know what those are, hit reply and I’ll fill you in.

How do you handle distractions?

How do you search for things?

How do you make it easy to find something in a short period of time, and not get sidetracked?

Hit reply and fill me in.  Inquiring minds need to know!

Come cheer me on!

‘til the next time.



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