So You Have A Bucket List

Sheri Here,

The last newsletter/blog, What’s on Your Bucket List?, was all about creating a bucket list, so now what? It’s time to take action!

Choose Something From Your Bucket List 

The next step is to identify something and do the next indicated step.

I’ve got three things I want to work on:

  • My companion workbook to my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation
  • A trip to Antarctica
  • Preparing to give my April 29thTEDx talk.

Identify the Next Indicated Action

Choosing one of the three things is hard for me but, I can alternate time on the tasks.

My next actions are doing some writing on the workbook content, downloading a passport renewal application, and practicing my TEDx speech.

Each of these are relatively easy steps to do.

In writing the workbook, I have done an outline of the content and I have a format.  When I approach the “blank” page, I already have a writing prompt, so it makes it easier to get started writing.  The creative flow then takes over.

The passport download is easy pesy, because I just go to the application site to get it and then fill it in!

Finally, the TEDx speech is standing in front of the mirror and practicing some more.  I’ve been working on memorizing this for a while and it is getting to where the words, without the script, just flow. But it has taken practice to get to this point!

None of the actions are hard, they are small enough to make the bigger project approachable.


The toughest thing might be just doing it.

What I’ve discovered is that the best way to do it, is to set up time on my calendar so I can work on what needs to be done.  Make an appointment with myself.  If I have a block of time, even an hour, I’ll break it up into 25-minute increments, setting a timer.

I can do almost anything for 25 minutes – including decluttering. Then take a short 5-minute break and do it again.

This is called the Pomodoro Method. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, why it’s called Pomodoro Method, I don’t know; but the method works, and you can easily remember the name because it is different. I use this routine often when I’m writing to stay focused.

How About You? (header)

Did you create your bucket list, update an old one or procrastinate in making you a priority?

If you are procrastinating and need a boost, contact me – either hit reply or set up a call here. It’s time to make you a priority!

‘til the next time.



P.S. You can get my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here.

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