New Normal

Celebration: the New Normal & Mothers

Sheri here –

Awakening, Restarting, Rebooting, Emerging….

I don’t care what you call it, but the “stay at home” orders are slowly, slowly being unwound.

It is like we have been frozen and are defrosting.

Yet, it is more than that. Much, much more than that.

The “New Normal”

It is the start of a slow healing and rebuilding phase for our country, our communities and ourselves.

How much of what we discovered or learned will we hold onto?

I would like to think we hold onto the good stuff and use the not so good stuff to learn from and motivate us to do things differently.

In some ways there were huge, courageous strides made by many – including myself and some of those close to me.

We started doing some of the things on a regular basis that we had discussed doing for a long time. We did other things that we had been putting off for a long time. And let’s not forget the massive learning – new skills (Zoom on a WHOLE new level, new technologies) and new directions.

Here at my home, we cooked at least 2 meals a day, I’ve done more cooking in the last two months than I have done in the last two decades. Healthy, effortless meals that were a team effort.

Spending less on our total food budget while we ate better, because we weren’t grabbing that fast food.

Walking in the neighborhood and stopping and looking at spring in blossom.

How about you?

What do you want to hold onto as we slowly emerge and begin our trek into the New Normal? How do you plan to celebrate? Think about it – it is an occasion that deserves it!

Share in the comments below: what you are planning on holding onto after “stay-at-home” and how you will celebrate!

Mother’s Day

Speaking of celebrations – this weekend is Mothers’ Day.

How do you plan to honor your Mother and the Mothers in your life? Maybe you also had that incredibly special person who took you under their wing like the Mother you always wanted.


Share those celebration ideas, those ideas for honoring Mom in the comments below.

Reach out and let them know. Maybe you can’t do it in person for oh so many reasons, find another way to cherish them.

I plan to spend some time in my rose garden. My Mother gave me my love of roses. I’ve planted a rose garden in every home I’ve lived in as an adult. The moments I spend there are my opportunity to spend time with Mom.

Your celebration of Mom doesn’t need to cost a lot money – its more important that you reach out in your own special way and let her know how much she means to you.

However, you do it, make it special for you both!

Until the next time.

Ciao and hugs,



Change is Hard in the Middle

Sheri here –

Rosabeth Moss Kantor, the Harvard University chair and director of the Advanced Leadership Initiative has said: “Change is Hard in the Middle”.

A New Normal

Here we are hitting the reset button on a “New Normal” – major abrupt change. 

What has happened?

For some, the pace has slowed; there is less traffic and clearer skies; more time with the family; and creative ways to stay in touch.

For others, that is not their reality. It is different, they have lost jobs, temporarily or permanently; their stay at home is confining; their health might be compromised; or they fear for the safety of their loved ones.

We have choices: 1) to incessantly complain about a world out of control, 2) move forward without a care or concern for anyone but oneself, or 3) stay in the moment, and take advantage of this time to hit the reset button, to complete things, to explore new learning, and to spend time with loved ones.

Some are on the front lines, the health care workers, the first responders, those in essential jobs, including grocery and drug store workers, and all their families.


Yet, for many, an enhanced sense of family and community has risen to the forefront

In this time of change, it is an opportunity for compassion and empathy, for looking out for one another more.  An opportunity for our communities to bond differently, with care and concern for each other as if we were more closely related.

Where have you bonded with your community in new ways? Share with us in the Facebook Group Money Talks with Sheri.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook Group yet, just click this link and join us in the group.

We are in the middle of a substantial change. While we have experienced pandemics, job losses and stock market crashes before, we haven’t experienced them concurrently. ⁠ 


Add to that the “safe at home” directive many of us are under and the massive closures of “non-essential” functions – it is disruptive, in addition to massive change.

Many have been pushed to work from home. Businesses of all sizes have gotten creative in how to do that.  Additionally, there are large numbers of parents who are home schooling their children.  All of us are learning to share space in new creative ways.


This time at home is an opportunity to build new skills, to continue to stay in contact and enhance your business. 

But there are those who are hurting.  The hourly workers with no safety net, who were struggling before everything shut down.  The employees in industries that have been shuttered: travel, entertainment, restaurants and brick and mortar stores.

Many are fearful about their personal financial situation and understandable so.

We need to be aware and supportive of those around us in physical and emotional pain. We do not know what burdens they carry. We need to allow kindness to soften our response to others

Will we emerge more united and bonded as we did after 9/11 (for those who remember), changed forever, but in different ways? Most likely, but no telling how.

Change Looks Like Chaos in the Middle

Things are changing and its hard – chaos in some ways.

I remember Rosabeth Moss Kantor also saying that “change looks like chaos in the middle”. That certainly describes where we are now. ⁠

Stuck in the uncertainty of change?  ⁠Look past the chaos – if you want to talk strategies on how to do that, then let’s talk.  Just click this link to setup a time to do that!

This is also a time of massive opportunity, but you need to look around to find it.  You need to be open to the possibility of new opportunity.  Look past the chaos.

Stay safe.  Stay connected! Leave a comment below and until the next time…..

Ciao and hugs,


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