Spring Has Sprung

Sheri Here,

Spring has sprung and new life is everywhere.  Ok, so it is still a little cold or wet or snowy but look close and you’ll see new life.  This is the time of renewal and rebirth.

How appropriate for where I am.  It’s perfect since I’m re-defining my future and my present goals.

Reflect & Re-Evaluate

What?! You say?  Yes, I reflect and re-evaluate my goals at least quarterly and just recently did the first quarterly review.

Even though I’m restructuring portions of my life – I made progress on some of my goals.  Others had to change to reflect the re-visioning of my life.  My revised life bucket list!

It’s ok to cross things off your bucket list when they no longer fit your current desires or direction.  Some things are harder to abandon than others because they’ve been a part of you for so long.  But it is ok to feel sadness for saying goodbye to dreams that were long time friends – whether they became reality or not.  Sometimes it happens because we accomplish the dreams and there is still sadness.  Like saying good-by to a longtime friend.

Replenish Your Life

As long as we continue to dream to see the possibility of what life holds, we can still find great value in our life bucket list and our dreams.

It’s when dreams die with no replenishment that our lives feel emptier with little to no possibility.

These are the times that professional help might be of great assistance to get us past the point of emptiness.  If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, get help – don’t wait.

In this Spring time of the year, find the renewal of possibility.  Find something new to pique your curiosity.  I just started coloring and am considering taking up painting.  What about you?  What does this springtime hold for you?  What new things in nature, creativity or spirituality are you going to pursue?  Are you stuck, and need someone to brainstorm with – hit reply or go here and call.

Around town, buds, flowers and new growth are everywhere.  Take time to go on a walk, maybe go visit the wildflowers that are bursting forth everywhere!

‘Til the next time.



P.S. You can get my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here.

Recraft Your Vision

Sheri Here,

What do you do when you’ve changed or achieved a major component in your long term plan? How do you recraft your vision and deal with the disorientation of things shifting?

Sometimes the best action is to first celebrate the accomplishment, spend time growing accustomed to the new change and then recraft your vision.

How do you craft, let alone recraft your vision, you might ask.  I have a blog on the subject that might be helpful – I Can See for Miles – Visioning. There are also other experts who have suggestions for vision setting or vision boarding.

Challenging Your Vision

If you’ve followed me recently, you know that I’ve been spending a good deal of time in meditation, contemplating a change in my long term plan.  If you missed it, my last couple of blogs (here and here) will catch you up!

Writing a bestseller, Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation, had been on my vision plan for a long time.  I accomplished that last year and now it is time to reinvent myself.

I’ve  begun working on my second book – a workbook to accompany Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation. It’s still in the early stages, but it is slowly beginning to emerge.

I’m also continuing to step into what a life of ongoing marketing of a book looks like and the impact on my activities and routines.

Implementing The New Vision

As I recently went about envisioning what my revised future looks like, I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the things that I’m letting go of allow me to create a lighter, more fun lifestyle.

This redo also coincided with my annual status meeting with my financial planner and things are on track in that arena given the changes I’ve made.  That was an additional contributor to the freer life.

Getting to that vision wasn’t easy or without some hard conversations with people I trusted.  There were a few course corrections required but I’m happy today with the prospects.

How about you?  Have you looked at your long term vision lately?  Are you hesitating to do that because you are afraid of the work or because you are concerned about what the future might look like?  You can steer that with a strong plan in place.  If you need help doing that, hit reply, let me know or book a call here and we’ll talk about vision setting!

‘Til the next time.



P.S. You can get my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here.


Now What?

Sheri Here,

Now What?

Here I sit after pausing and thinking for nearly a month.  If you missed my Pausing When Agitated note go here.  Now I’m wondering what’s next.  I feel the shoes have all dropped and now it’s just me.

What happens when we are left with just me, myself and I? Yes, I’ve grown a bit restless.  I’ve spent some time decluttering old pictures, digitizing them so I can do digital memory books, but….now what else?

Looking Within

As I’ve looked at my passions and purpose, I’ve been toying with a few ideas.  How best to move forward.  I can’t stay still forever, I’ll rust out.

What I’ve loved is writing my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation. I loved meeting people through marketing it, so maybe it’s time to get back on the marketing the book horse.  Have some fun and play. I also love traveling.

I found I love writing, so maybe it is time to get back to writing as well.  This newsletter is a start!

One of my favorite chapters in the book is Chapter 31 Re-entry Can Be Brutal.  This includes ideas on how to prolong that sense of being on vacation.

I found I enjoy speaking, so maybe I can combine all of my loves along with my purpose of helping others.

What if I could speak on cruises about some of the things I’m passionate about, including my book, and continue to travel?  What do you think?  I think, it is brilliant, actually. Hit reply and let me know what you think, especially if you know someone who might be able to help me achieve my dream!

Where Are You?

What do you think about where you are in your life? Is it time to switch gears, to take a break, re-energize what you are doing to love your life again?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Are you stuck and want another person to noodle ideas with about the future?  Book a call with me here and let’s chat!  What’s possible for you in this next phase of your life?

‘Til the next time.



P.S. You can get my book Everything I Learned About Life I Learned on Vacation here.

Pausing When Agitated

Pausing When Agitated

Sheri Here,

Sometimes things happen in life that leave us stunned and reeling.  But when there is a series of passings, accidents or injuries, we are left wondering “What the heck?  What the heck is going on? What the heck is the message here?”

Maybe it’s as simple as pausing when agitated.

Pondering Life Priorities

Several of these things happened in my life the last couple of weeks and have left me pondering my life priorities.

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

I’ve always acted as if I were “Superwoman” and “I’ve got this! I’ve got all of this!” I’m merely a human being striving to make the most of life, loving those close to me, allowing myself to accept help and seeking to make a difference.

When these life situations happen, I need to stop an make certain my priorities are in order and give myself recovery time.

Lessons from my Higher Power

What I have learned is these situations are lessons from my Higher Power, that I can choose to learn quickly or slowly.  If I learn slowly, then the lesson gets repeated with a few more consequences.

My actions, when I realized I was receiving life lessons, was to pause and look around – wonder what I needed to take care of that have been neglected.

Those things that had been untended were some maintenance items that could lead to much graver issues with more serious consequence.

They have since been taken care of.

Where Is Our Focus? 

I’ve also been pausing to relook at where I’ve placed my focus.

In this day and age, we’ve been told be efficient and use any number of countless apps and devices to help us.  But what are we losing in the process?

Have we lost ourselves? Our relationships with family, friends, and our God?

For me, I know some of those things slipped through the cracks in the busyness, especially my self-nurturing.  The older I get the more necessary it is and without appropriate priorities in my life, my life will become a shell of what I want it to be.

Sometimes we need to stop before circumstances stop us. Pause when agitated or perplexed.

Can You Relate?

Does any of this ring true for you? Can you relate to being too busy for the basics of life?

It’s always a good time to stop and take a deep breath or two – enjoy the day we have, hug our loved ones, and rethink our priorities.

If you relate, leave a comment and let me know that I’m not the only one reconsidering the meaning of life! If you’re stuck and need some help – leave a comment and reach out for a conversation.

If it were spring, I’d say stop and smell the roses. Instead, do the winter equivalent and embrace this amazing day.

‘Til the next time.



Set Your Priorities and Focus

Sheri here –

Have you ever spent time just overwhelmed with choices? And focusing on just one thing seemed impossible.

Too much to do and you don’t know where to begin! 

So, you start something entirely new!  Of course, that only makes it worse.

I have to say the last couple of weeks seemed like chaos squared.  Trying to find the focus point has been part of the problem.

Ok, I had a project I was working on and finally got it done – very successfully by my measures.  WooHoo!

But, there were so many other things demanding I spend time on them also.

How do you focus on one thing?

How do you decide what’s important?

How do you pick from all the projects that you have going on?

I don’t know about you, but I live in an overcommitted world.

I need a way to be able to prioritize, to make good choices, set boundaries and say no.

In the last couple of blogs, we spent a bit of time chatting about saying no and setting boundaries.  You can find those conversations in my blogs here and here .

Do you find it difficult to say no and set boundaries so you can focus on ONE thing?

Stop and get some clarity

One of the best ways that I’ve found to set priorities is to be very clear about my personal and business values.  My values drive my priorities and from that it drives where I spend my time.

If you’re not clear on your agenda, your priorities, and values, maybe it is time to stop and get some clarity.

Take this as an opportunity to put your relationships, your self-care, your time with your God, your service projects, your fun time and even how you spend money in perspective.  Assure that you’ve got your focus in the right spot – consistent with what is most important to you.

Setting your values and your priorities is an important self-care activity.  It might be hard to randomly say no to something, but when it is not even on your list of what’s important, it gets easier.

Then you can focus!

Ciao and hugs,


P.S. Drop a comment below and share the top 5 things that are important to you, to your business.  The things that drives how you spend time.

P.P.S If you’re stuck, drop a comment and let me know how I can help!

Just Say No

Sheri here –

Is it easy for you to just say no?

Or do you spend time overwhelmed by choices?  So, overwhelmed that you don’t do ANYTHING??

Or so much to do, you don’t know where to start, so you start something new.  Uh oh, am I the only one??

Or someone asks you to do something and you find it difficult to say No?

Sound at all familiar?

No is a Complete Sentence

The calendar fills up with stuff – the stuff you want to do, the stuff you need to do and the FOMO stuff.  FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.

Then something happens – it could be as simple as your stubbing your toe, literally or figuratively.

The other day, I was fixing dinner and accidentally cut my thumb.  Not bad, but there was blood involved.  For several days I realized how much I relied on that thumb and couldn’t use it.

It certainly was NOT life threatening, it was inconvenient.  I was not paying enough attention to the task at hand.  Not placing the focus on the right spot. 

I was distracted and hadn’t said NO to enough FOMO things and agendas of others.

Not enough NO.  

Certainly, it was a small inconvenience, but how soon will that overloaded calendar lead to a much larger inconvenience?

Focus on ONE thing,just ONE

Maybe you want a few peaceful moments for yourself without being tormented by indecision as to what to do next.

Maybe the problem is that you are NOT totally clear on what YOUR agenda is.  You aren’t clear on what YOUR priorities are.

How do you get that 10 minutes, that chance to focus on ONE thing?

How do you set boundaries and just say NO!

It is easier to set boundaries and say no, when you are clear on your agenda, clear on your priorities in all aspects of your life – personal and business.

If you’re crystal clear on your agenda, your priorities, and values – woohoo.  Now use them to say NO more often!!

Yes, it is easier said than done.  

This is a self-care process that starts with you

  • noticing you can’t list your top 3 – 5 personal or business priorities,
  • realizing they can help you make decisions and set boundaries,
  • willing to take the time and think about what is important to you.

If you are still stuck as to where to start, drop a comment below or an email here.

Ciao and hugs,


P.S. Having priorities, setting boundaries and say NO is rigorous self-care! Need help doing that? Drop a comment below or drop me an email here 

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